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Best Women Hairstyles Guy Love

There is always a misunderstanding between men and women about stylish hairstyles. Guys may adore some hairstyles that women hate or vice versa. However, if you want to please your young man, you should try these best women hairstyles guys love.

1.    Loose Hairstyle in a Boho Style

This is one of the women hairstyles guys love. Long hairstyles with soft waves are always dear to them. Thus, you may make your hair wavy with a curling iron. Then open the curls with your fingers and finish your look with a hairspray.

2.    Ponytails in a Sporty Style

Guys adore simple hairstyles, such as high ponytails in a sporty style. Pull your hair back and create a high pony, adjusting with an elastic. If you wear fringes, style it and apply hairspray on your hair. Your look will be ready for a walk or yoga classes. Go for a light makeup to correspond to your sporty hairstyle.

3.    Style a Librerian Bun

It is one of the guys’ favorite looks. The librarian bun hairstyle is effortless and gorgeous. You just need to create a low bun and use several bobby pins to make your hairstyle in place. Pair your hairstyle with a thin skirt and a pretty blouse and amaze your boy friend.

4.    Big Voluminous Hair

Here is another women hairstyle that guys love. You will look thrilling if you match your big textured hair with a smoky eye makeup. Just air-dry your hair and use mousse. After blow-drying, tease your tresses and apply hairspray. Your fabulous look is ready.

5.    Soft Layers

It is no matter whether you wear long or short hair, you may cut soft layers. They will soften your face form and give you an alluring look. Pull off this style if you go to meet your boy friend, as he will appreciate your new hairstyle.

6.    Wear Pigtails

Guys love funny pigtails so much that they wish to see them on women. Fasten your pigtails using an elastic band and accentuate with a ribbon. You may even try this hairstyle while going to work.

7.    Short and Smart

Guys appreciate not only long but also short hair. Keep your tresses short and smart and it will become one of the women hairstyles guys love. A pixie hairstyle will be ideal in case your hair is thin. Just sport this hairstyle and get compliments from your friends.

8.    Wear Angled Bob Hairstyle

Bob is considered one of the best women hairstyles that guys find attractive. Angled bob is one of the trendy hairstyles, which is possible to create both with your short and middle-length hair.

9.    Straight and Attractive

Straighten your curls and go for an attractive look. Make your tresses glow and be approved by guys. Get your sophisticated and attractive look.

10.  Wear Beachy Waves

If you are not more inclined to straight hair, try another great women hairstyle, which guys love. Beachy waves will suit you perfectly and provide you with a chic look.

11.  Braids in a Boho Style

Braids have intruded into fashion. Moreover, they are one of the best women hairstyles guys love. Braids in a boho style are among the stylish women hairstyles. To get this look, you should take the front part of your hair and braid it.

You always rely on your personal taste while choosing a perfect hairstyle. However, it would be better if you consider your boyfriend’s taste as well. These best women hairstyles will help you to thrill your beloved.

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