Vintage Beauty Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Vintage Beauty Tricks You Didn't Know About

We can name several celebrities, who can greatly inspire you to create your vintage beauty. Sophia Loren and Aubrey Hepburn are among them. They inspire you to create your own beauty style, which is unique in its way. Consider these vintage beauty tricks and you will be able to highlight your beautiful features.

1.     Create an Ideal Pout

It is one of the vintage beauty tricks you didn’t know about. Creating an ideal pout, you will be able to highlight your stunning beauty. You should consider the tone of your lips while looking for a lipstick shade. As for lip liners, you should go for neutral tones to be able to mix it with your natural lip tone. After applying the lipstick on your lips, add a little gloss. This trick will give you an outstanding look.

Vintage Beauty Tricks You Didn't Know About

2.    Create Bedroom Eyes

This is one of the vintage beauty tricks, appreciated both by men and by women. To achieve this look, you should apply an eye shadow in a light tone on your lids and add a darker tone in the crease. Don’t forget to complete your look with a black mascara. Black eyeliner is also a necessary detail for bedroom eyes. Your eyes will look larger and more effective if you apply a volume enhancing mascara.

3.    Gorgeous Curves

Vintage beauty refers not only to your face but also to your curves. Having gorgeous curves is essential for women. To have fabulous hips you should eat foods rich in calories and fats and attend fitness classes. There are many celebrities, who are proud of their curves and consider them one of the vintage beauty tricks.

4.    Curly Hairstyle

Probably, you have noticed that those women, who have a vintage beauty, wear a curly hairstyle. They may be either in a loose or tight form. In comparison with the straight hair, curls provide you with an attractive and celestial look. For this look, you will need to curl your hair with rollers. It’s quite easy, as all you need is to pull your hair up and after a few minutes remove the rollers. Comb your hair with your fingers and get your vintage beauty.

Vintage Beauty Tricks You Didn't Know About

5.    Transparent and White Skin

Vintage beauty means having a transparent and white skin, as well. Not all women have a translucent skin, but to get this look is not so difficult. Enlarge the use of healthy foods and skip the greasy ones. Don’t be under the sun rays for a long time, instead have at least 8 cups of water daily. Fish and almond will also be great to create a vintage beauty. Roobios tea will clear your face from acne and fight against wrinkles.

6.    Luminous Skin

Luminous skin is one of the vintage beauty tricks. It is not bewitching to have a dry skin. However, it is not impossible to make it softer. Apply moisturizing products and enlightening creams. Go for body lotions with relaxing features. Coconut oil is also fabulous to get a luminous skin.

7.    Create Big Hair

Pulling off big hair is another vintage beauty trick. It is one of the easy ways of achieving a glamorous and extra feminine look.

8.    Try Dark Eyeliner

For an outstanding look, black eyeliner is the best makeup option. It will also help you to create a vintage beauty. Most celebrities rock black eyeliner to highlight their eyes. If you want your friends to pay attention to your look, opt for this vintage beauty trick.

9.    Go for Contouring

Defining your cheekbones is one of the vintage beauty tricks. To create this splendid makeup, you should apply special creams for contouring, which will give you an adorable look. Finally apply a contouring powder and create your vintage beauty.

Thus, you will be able to rock a prom look just getting inspired by the best vintage beauty tricks. 

Vintage Beauty Tricks You Didn't Know About

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