Beyonce Launching a New Fragrance: Rise

Beyonce Launching a New Fragrance: Rise

Well, Beyonce never stops impressing us with her exciting ideas! But this time our beloved celeb decided to prove us her hard-working skills! So, after her shocking new album that came along with the 17 bonus videos, made specifically for each song, the multi-talented star decided to not restrict her hard work and came up with a brand new fragrance called “Rise”, which by the way is expected to be released in 2014. As our beloved star mentions, the new fragrance appears to be a result of inspiration by her favorite poem written by Maya Angelou and as she adds this new scent is made to empower women and give them the strength and confidence that they need.

Beyonce Launching a New Fragrance: Rise

 As she says: “The spirit of RISE encourages women to be all that we are.”

In fact as the Vice President of Global Marketing Marsha Brooks describes: he fragrance concept is a about female empowerment and finding the inner strength that makes women so beautiful. She has done a lot of fruity florals. She’s done gourmands.” Also she mentions that this new scent will be a brand new experience for women as it is completely different from Beyonce’s previous work: “Pulse was this electric citrus-y floral. This is sexy and sophisticated. We tested it in multiple countries with excellent results.”

Well, with only a glance at the fancy bottle one can completely understand what secret “Rise” carries and what are the magical powers of the new fragrance launched by one of our favorite celebs, Beyonce Knowles!

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