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Best Makeup Tips and Tricks for Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed women may highlight their beautiful eyes, going for the best makeup tips and tricks. We have tried to pick up the best of them, which will give extra glow to your eyes.

1.    Wear Metallic Shades

Brown eyes are very attractive. Though there are various shades of brown, you may make them outstanding, wearing metallic shades. Opt for bronze and pink tones. Golden hues will also look great with your brown eyes.

2.    Neutral Tones

Here is another makeup tip for brown eyes. Create a natural look by wearing neutral hues. You may experiment with brown or peach eye shadows. Taupes may also go with your fantastic brown eyes. Accentuate your eyes with eyeliners, as well.

3.    Try White Eyeliner

Brown eyes will look amazing if you apply white eyeliner. To make the white eyeliner more attractive, you may combine it with metallic shades. Consider this makeup tip for brown eyes and your look will be gorgeous.

4.    Wear Glitter

A little glitter with your eye shadow tone will completely change your look. It is one of the best makeup tricks for brown hair. Create your stunning eyes, going for this makeup tip.

5.    Concealer for Dark Circles

If you have eye circles, you may get rid of them quite easily and make your eyes attractive. Just apply concealer under your eyes and the circles will disappear. Finally, use a foundation and your brown eyes will be alluring and screaming.

6.    Apply Dark Plum Eyeliner

Purple shade is one of the best makeup tricks for brown eyes. Highlight your gorgeous brown eyes with this splendid shade, going for eyeliner. Do not ignore this beautiful eye shadow tone, as well.

7.    Find Your Eye Tone

It is very essential to find the tone of your eyes. It’s known that there are various brown shades: dark chocolate, light brown. There are also light and amber brown shades. The most important thing is to match the makeup with your eye tone.

8.    Pull off Cobalt Blue

Not all eyes may look gorgeous with the cobalt blue tone. Your brown eyes will draw attention if you experiment with this shade. It will go best with all shades of brown. This makeup trick is one of the best ones for brown hair.

9.    Aubergine Mascara

This great makeup tip is very essential if you like to experiment. Shift from your traditional black mascara and apply one in an aubergine tone. Your brown eyes will look glamorous.

10.  Eyeliner in a Champagne Shade

Probably, you have ignored the champagne shade when thinking about a splendid makeup for your brown eyes. However, eyeliner in a champagne tone will be the best makeup trick for your brown eyes.

11.  Blend Various Makeup Tones

Don’t be afraid to blend several makeup tones and find the best one for your brown eyes. You may mix black mascara with aubergine eyeliner. You may also try a blue eye shadow with a golden shimmer.

Thus, go for any of these splendid makeup tips and tricks for brown eyes and get your prom look.

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