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25 Fabulous Brunette Hairstyles You Might Like to Try

Brown-haired women have a unique chance to show off their beautiful hair. There are so many fabulous hairstyles you might like to try. Go for short or long hairstyles; create trendy updo or bun hairstyles. Change your brunette hair with various undertones, such as red or dark shades. These cool tones will rejuvenate your look. You may go for blonde highlights and make your dark brown hair more outstanding. If you seek for a change, here are 25 fabulous brunette hairstyles you might like to try.

1.    Long Curly Hairstyle for Brunettes

Go for a romantic look and curl your long tresses with a waving wand. For a boho style, braid the front part of your hair and adjust it with pins. Your loose brunette hair will provide you with a lovely look.  

2.    Short Bob Hairstyle for Brunettes

Chop your hair into a fantastic bob hairstyle. Make your hair ends of equal length and add a fringe in an exclusive style. Get your bold and brave look.

3.    Half-Up  Half Down Hairstyle for Brunettes

Here is one of the effortless ways of styling your brown tresses for a prom night. You just need to let your hair free, take some hair sections from the two sides, braid them and adjust with pins. For a more outstanding look tease the crown of your head and get a fabulous brunette hairstyle.

4.    Straight and Side Hairstyle for Brunettes

Brunettes might like to try a super straight hairstyle. Make your glossy tresses go to one side, opening your gorgeous shoulder.

5.    Bun Hairstyle with Braids for Brunettes

Shift from your classy bun hairstyle and modernize your look with these fabulous braids. Create a high ponytail, braid it and turn it into a stylish bun. Adjust your brunette hairstyle using pins and apply hairspray for a long lasting look.

6.    Wavy Hairstyle for Brunettes

Bring a new and glamorous touch to your tresses. To make your shoulder-length locks wavy, go for rollers. After creating big curls, comb them using your fingers. Get your desired brunette hairstyle and finish it with a hairspray. A fabulous brunette hairstyle for everyday wearing!

7.    Bob Hairstyle for Brunettes

Brown-haired women may update their bob hairstyle, applying red highlights. It will refresh your look and boost up your confidence. Choose the warm tone instead of going for a darker shade. Make this bob hairstyle go with your skin tone and face shape.

8.     Banged Hairstyle for Brunettes

You may shock your friends with one of the fabulous brunette hairstyle. Create a thick and straight bang, which will make your eyes outstanding. Fringe will modernize your simple straight hairstyle.

9.    Short Hairstyle for Brunettes

Get a sophisticated look, rocking a fabulous crop hairstyle with an asymmetrical bang. It will give your brown hair a jovial touch. If you have a round face, you are advised to create a side bang. Do not go too long with your splendid fringe.

10. Ponytail Hairstyle for Brunettes

Brown-haired women may experiment with a fabulous ponytail hairstyle. For an elegant look, try a low ponytail, which you may wear both for day and night. Create volume by teasing the top part of your head. Complete your fantastic brunette hairstyle with some loose hair.

11.  Updo Hairstyle for Brunettes

Brunettes have a great hairstyle choice. Get your prom look, styling a messy updo hairstyle. Thought you don’t have to spend much time on it, it’s suitable for any occasion. Pull your curly hair back into an amazing updo and make it loose. For a dramatic look, you may sweep it to one side and adjust it with bobby pins.

12.  Long Layered Hairstyle for Brunettes

Brunettes are recommended creating layers to get a new style. Layers will provide your hair with texture and they will shape your face. Your beachy look will be achieved.

13.  Cropped Fringe Hairstyle for Brunettes

Match your fabulous crop hairstyle with a stylish fringe. It will rejuvenate your appearance and perfectly go with your elfin face form. Blunt bang will be the best option for brunettes.

14.  Long Fringed Hairstyle for Brunettes

Look subtle and classy with your long hairstyle. Make it textured and a little wavy for a sophisticated look. Your brown hair will look thrilling with a side bang.

15.  Bob Hairstyle for Brunettes

This edgy bob hairstyle will look exposing for brunettes. Go for some layers and get a textured and eccentric look for this season.

16.  Long Hairstyle for Brunettes

Get a fabulous look, rocking a luxurious wavy hairstyle in the 70s style. To get this stunning hairstyle just take rollers. Then brush your combs to give texture to your hair. The result will be a delicate wavy hairstyle.

17.  Long Hairstyle for Brunettes in the 80s Style

If you are fond of the 80s style, create them for your stunning look. Go for relaxed curls, using a special curling iron. Take a brush to tease your curls for a textured hairstyle. Finish your look with a hairspray.

18.  Long Hairstyle with Waves for Brunettes

Loose waves are just for brunettes. For a romantic look, roll your hair and then unfasten with your hands. Finally, you will get a little messy waves, which will look great with your full fringe.


19.  Long Fringe Hairstyle for Brunettes

Fringes are great for this season. They give each hairstyle a super-glamorous look. Create a fringe, touching your eyes to soften your face form. Allow your straight brown hair to look chicer.

20.  20s style for Brunettes

Create something extraordinary for your short hair. Go back and rock the 20s hairstyle. Vintage waves will look splendid for brunettes. For this hairstyle, you should apply mousse on your wet hair, use clips and then let it dry. Hold your fabulous look with a hairspray.

21.  Mid-length Hairstyle for Brunettes

Wavy hairstyle is just for middle-length hair. Don’t try to change anything, just add layers and a stylish bang for a modern look.

22.  Braided Updo Hairtsyle for Brunettes

Braids are trendy for each season. How amazing you will look with French braids. Make a fabulous updo hairstyle with plaits, adjusting the ends at the back.

23.  Long Haisrtyle for Brunettes

Your eye touching fringe will go with any face form. Besides, it provides your eyes with an attractive and gorgeous look. This long hairstyle will be an ideal choice for brunettes.  

24.  Long Hairstyle for Brunettes in the 80s Style

Make your long tresses as high as possible. Brush the front part of your hair back and tease it. Get the 80s style for your brown hair and look gorgeous and eye-catching.

25.  Twisted Updo Hairstyle for Brunettes

If you are seeking for a fabulous hairstyle for an important occasion, you may twist your brown hair to one side, creating a splendid updo hairstyle. Do not forget about adjusting it with pins.

Look trendy with your new brunette hairstyles. Create your divine look without changing your natural hair color, getting inspired by the mentioned above fabulous brunette hairstyles.

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