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Easy Methods of Dying Your Own Hair At Home

If you want to create a fantastic hair tone, you should know the easy methods of dying your own hair at home. It will be cheap and will save your money.

Make Your Hair Be Ready for Dying

This method is very essential if you want to dye your own hair at home. Rinse your hair 24 hours before the dying process. It will let your hair regain its natural oil. It will protect your hair from the chemicals and will not let your hair color fade quickly.

Do not Condition Your Hair While Dying Your Hair

It is another easy method while dying your hair at home. Do not condition your hair before dying your tresses, as the natural oil will disappear from your locks. If you don’t use a conditioner, your hair color will be well defined.

Opt for Your Favorite Hair Color

Opting for the right hair color is very essential while dying your hair. You should feel comfortable in your hair tone. If you dare to dye your hair for the first time, you are advised to take a hair tone, which is either darker or lighter compared with your hair color. You may also opt for a dye, which is free of ammonia. Consider that you may face difficulties in getting certain hair tones at home. You will not be able to turn your black hair into a blonde color.

Dye Your Hair Having a Towel on Your Shoulders

Having a towel on your shoulders is one of the easy methods of dying your own hair at home. It will prevent your skin from having stains. You had better go for a towel in a dark color and adjust it with a clip. In this way, your neck will remain clean. To remove the stains from your ears or forehead, you may use a conditioner.

Blending Dye and Developer

It’s very important to consider this easy method while dying your hair. In case, you decide to create a new hair color, lighter in a tone, blend a developer, which has a level of 20 strength. In case, you go darker, you should take a developer with a level of 10 strength. You are recommended mixing them in a glass.

Carry out a Strand Test While Dying Your Hair

Before dying your hair, you should carry out a strand test. It will help you find out whether you will like this hair tone or not. It will also test whether you are allergic or not.

While testing the dye on your strand, take a brush and wait for 30 minutes. Then, you may rinse your hair and use a towel to dry it. If have no problem with this dye, you may freely dye all your hair.

Thus, use these easy methods of dying your own hair at home and get a stunning look.

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