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100 Ponytail Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths

There are certain women hairstyles that come from the pages of the previous centuries, yet they never lose their trendiness and charm. Ponytails are definitely in the top list of women hairstyles that are timeless and that flatter most facial features, as well as that appeal to men. No special hair styling skills are required for styling a simple ponytail: you just gather all the hair up or low, and secure the tail with an elastic band. Surely, there are many more creative ways of wearing a simple ponytail. Thus, there exist ponytail hairstyles for special occasions too, apart from those casual dos. Below, we bring 100 creative and cute ponytail hairstyle for women for you to get inspired and rock this lovely updo wherever you go!

The most comfortable factor of a ponytail is, of course, the idea that your hair doesn’t touch your face and you can easily move and work, without getting irritated to take off the tresses from your face. The second positive side of ponytail hairstyles is that you can style a ponytail from absolutely any haircut, short or long ones, surely only if you aren’t wearing a super-short pixie style! The hair length doesn’t matter at all; you are sure to always look amazing wearing a ponytail.

The ponytail hairstyles differ also depending on the “highness.” You may wear your tail super-high or low, also you may create a sleek do look for formal occasions, or style a textured updo, if you want to achieve a romantic, innocent look. Ponytails also look amazing, when combined with bangs, both straight ones and side-swept styles. Besides, a simple ponytail can be easily transferred into a more complicated style, if you use certain hair accessories to style it. It can be some lovely bobby pins, chic bands or creative headbands.

Despite the fact of being that simplistic and minimalistic, ponytail hairstyles never lose their gorgeousness. This may be one of the reasons why ponytails are included in the list of favorite women hairstyles of men. Whenever you feel reluctant to style some complicated hairstyle, whenever you feel creative or fun, feel free to try any of these 100 cute ponytail hairstyles for women!

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