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Top 80 Long Hairstyles For Women

Since the ancient times, beautiful, elegant women have always been pictured with long hair. Even the first woman on this planet, Eve is supposed to have had long locks. Long hairstyles are the best characteristic feature of a woman, therefore, no wonder, every woman tries to grow out her tresses at least once in her life. The best side of long hair is definitely its versatility, since you have absolutely no boundaries, when it comes to hair styling. Straight or curly, gathered in a chic updo or plaited in different styles of braids, long hair always looks fabulous and extra feminine. We have gathered here 80 of the best long hairstyles for women for you to get inspired and make up your mind to grow out your hair finally!

The simplest and best way of wearing long hair is surely its loose form. You may simply get up and tease a bit your locks, getting the most effortless, “out-of-bed” style of hair that looks the best. For more business-appropriate, as well as for more youthful results, you can simply straighten your hair with a flat iron. Otherwise, style bouncy locks and waves and enchant everyone around with your elegant look! Women with naturally curly long hair aren’t required to do much for looking great: simply touch your hair a bit your hands, apply some hair mousse and your cheeky look is ready to rock!

All those coolest dos and styles are definitely for long hair! Think elegant chignons, effortless hair knots, lovely buns and braided updos, as well as all the possible ways of hair plaiting, from the traditional three-strand ones to more complicated Dutch or fishtail braids, four-strand braids, rope ones and much more!

Anther interesting way of wearing long hair is combining two or more styles together. Thus you can wear half-up-half-done hairstyles, creative braided updos, curly ponytails, etc. Options and ideas are endless, so is the inspiration! Find your inspiration in the cool 80 long hairstyles pictured below and get your perfect makeover!

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