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Getting Ready For Summer Weather

Woman at the beach

As the temperatures climb, it gets more and more difficult to look great. The humidity can flatten or frizz even the best-planned hairstyles; not to mention the realization at the end of the day that your makeup has either melted off or slid all around your face. Being in and out of the water can also wreak its own havoc on your skin.

Here are a few easy ways to help maintain your radiance until Labor Day:

If you already have straight hair, it can go flat. If you have wavy or curly hair, you can end up with a frizzy mess. One of the best ways to combat the effects of summer on your tresses is to just wear it back. Personally, I like the half-up look so that I still have some length to my hair.

Skin, From the Neck Up
Oh those poor complexions. Between the sun and the wind and the salt or chlorine, our faces can really take a beating. Whether the elements give you flakiness or breakouts, make sure to take the time to treat it gently. And wear your sunscreen.

Skin, From the Neck Down
Your skin from the neck down deserves every bit as much love as your face. A weekly body scrub and a light moisturizer will help keep that skin baby smooth.

Waterproof is definitely the number one recommendation for summertime makeup, however, I would also suggest occasionally treating your skin to a day off from makeup. Let it breathe with a simple coat of waterproof mascara and perhaps a lip and cheek stain for a pop of color.

Painted or not, make sure to use your hand and cuticle cream since all of those pool parties can really do damage.

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