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Getting Ready For Summer Weather

Woman at the beach

As the temperatures climb, it gets more and more difficult to look great. The humidity can flatten or frizz even the best-planned hairstyles; not to mention the realization at the end of the day that your makeup has either melted off or slid all around your face. Being in and out of the water can […]

How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

Woman applying makeup

Whether your day includes the boardroom or the playroom, none of us want to worry about whether our makeup is still in place at the end of a long day, nor do we want to spend our day reapplying when we could be out living our life. So what are some easy ways to make […]

Waterproof Makeup and the Removal of Waterproof Makeup

Woman applying makeup

With the summer months comes heat and humidity and time outdoors. Enter waterproof (or water resistant) makeup! Yes, it is nearly impossible to have truly waterproof makeup, so what are the options for those times we want to look our best at the pool party when it is over 100 degrees in the shade? The […]