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How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

Woman applying makeup

Whether your day includes the boardroom or the playroom, none of us want to worry about whether our makeup is still in place at the end of a long day, nor do we want to spend our day reapplying when we could be out living our life.

So what are some easy ways to make sure that we can apply our face once and walk out the door?

  • Primed and ready – Two essential products for an all-day flawless face are eye primer and face primer. Eye primer is applied directly to your bare eyelid and provides a smooth and long-lasting base for any of your eye products. The face primer does the same for your complexion makeup (foundation, concealer, powder, etc.). Some eye and face primers can be tinted, but make sure to choose wisely. Some of the ‘color correcting’ ones can end up a little scary.
  • The right formula – This is especially true for eye makeup which has a strong tendency to run or fade. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara are designed to be long-lasting, so put them to good use. There are even a number of waterproof (or at least water-resistant) eyeshadows available. Do be careful of cream eyeshadows, they have a strong tendency to smear depending on the formulation. It can also be true for blush, which has a tendency to just fade away. Try a gel or stain for a longer-lasting glow.
  • Keep your hands to yourself – One of the biggest keys to helping your makeup last all day is to keep your hands off your face! Firstly, this is a good rule of thumb anyway so that you do not transfer oils and germs to your skin; secondly, the more you touch, the more things will get smudged.

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