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Using Foods for Skin Care

Using Foods for Skin Care

Do you seek for effective ways to take care of your skin? Are you tired of moisturizers and other expensive products? Let’s open the refrigerator and have a look at the foods contained. Here are the best foods you are recommended to use for your skin care.

1. Use Olive Oil for Moisturizing

Moisturizing is very essential for your skin care. Studies prove that you should moisturize your skin at the early age in order to have a perfect skin in 20 years. Apply olive oil onto your skin in the morning and at night. You will surely have a glowing skin.

Using Foods for Skin Care

2. Try Greek Yogurt for Acne Prone Skin

All women are prone to having acne skin. This problem doesn’t know age or gender. Do you want to get rid of acne? Add Greek yogurt in your daily beauty plan. It will help you remove pores. Besides it will diminish skin redness. Greek yogurt is great for acne, as it is rich in lactic acid and fats. The latter will hydrate your skin.
You may also make a mask for your face, mixing yogurt and oatmeal. While the combination of yogurt and lemon will make your skin softer and smoother.

3. Make an Exfoliating Serum from Sugar and Lemon

Would you like to be proud of your flawless skin? Don’t you know how to get rid of dead skin cells? Here exfoliation comes to solve your problem.
You should just prepare an exfoliating serum using sugar (1/4 cup) and squeezed lemon. In a few minutes you will see the great result. Just spread this mixture on your skin and massage using your fingers. Finally, you should wash your face using warm water.

4. Remove Blackheads with Baking Soda

It’s quite easy to remove blackheads from your nose. You just need to mix water and baking soda together and spread the blend on the affected area. Wait a little and wash it off with warm water. You had better use this mask quite frequently.

Thus, you are provided with quite easy food skin caring recipes. Try them and have a fabulous skin!

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