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How to Get Rid of a Pimple On a Lip

A pimple, so called acne can appear on the lip for different reasons. It can be because of:

The lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss you use. It is not necessary for the product to be of bad quality but it can be just because your skin is allergic to that kind of product.

Some other reason can be an expired make up used on a face. As you know lip is the most sensitive part of the face. Though the face make up doesn’t even touch the lips, it can be the most probable area on which pimples can appear.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and the symptoms of herpes can also be a reason of pimples on lips. You shouldn’t mistake it with pimples that occur because of cold. In general these both cases have the same result for the pimple. It is large and painful.

Pregnancy, poor diet, stress can be another reasons for pimples on lip.

If your toothpaste is rich with fluoride, that can also be a big reason for having regular pimples on lips.

Oily skin as well as eating oily, salty, spicy, greasy or fried food without cleaning lips with a clean brush can also cause lip pimples.

And finally, bad hygiene can be the main reason for pimples on lips. If you take a regular care of your lips, just like you do with your teeth or face you will not face most of the pimples appearing on your lips.

Every human has his/her peculiarities and there is no treatment that will work same way for all. Each should try a treatment particular to his/her skin and lips.

Here are some basic treatments you can do:

First of all stop using the lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm you use, not because it is the cause of the pimple but because there is a fear of spreading the infection on other, non-infected parts of the lips.

Clean your mouth from bacteria after every eating with a wet wipe.

Brush your lips, right after brushing your teeth every morning and evening, with the well washed brush.

You probably cleanse your face at least once a day with a face wash or a soap. This can include cleansing lips as well.

All this is to exfoliate the dead skin cells from the surface of the lips.

And in the end have patience to see the results. After doing all the advised you’re not going to have lips without pimples at once. Wait patiently without scrubbing or pulling the sensitive area off around your lips.

It is recommended to do these activities on a daily basis, as it provides you with healthier, softer and better-looking lips.

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