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DIY Winter Skin Care Facial Masks

Woman with facial mask and strawberries on eyes

In winter your skin is more sensitive and unprotected. What you need to do is to take more care to protect your skin from winter cold. You don’t need to buy special masks, you can just make them at home. Here are some good recipes of homemade masks, which are easy to make, and helpful for your skin.

DIY Winter Skin Care Facial Masks

Carrot and Honey Facial Mask

Carrot and Honey mask is one of those homemade masks. You simply need 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 carrots. Carrots need to be washed and peeled, than blend them to make a mess. After the carrots are blended mix that with honey, until they become a combined mess. Let that sit for 10 minutes, and your protection mask is ready. This procedure should be treated twice a week, than you will certainly be satisfied with the result.

Egg White Facial Mask

Another mask is made from egg white. This is the easiest way to protect your skin from severe cold. Beat 2 egg whites and then put the mess to your face. It should be left on your skin for 30 minutes, after this wash it with warm water. It will give a new breath to your skin.

DIY Winter Skin Care Facial Masks

Banana Facial Mask

If your face has a lack of nourishment, try the mask made from banana and butter combo. For this mask you need a ripe banana and 2 tablespoons of butter. Mix them in a blender, until the bananas get smooth. After finishing this procedure let the mask stay on your face 15 minutes than wash. This mixture also won’t let your skin get dry and itchy.

Yogurt Facial Mask

In case of the lack of pH balance of your skin, try another homemade mask with strawberry and yogurt. Again blend 1 cup of strawberries with 1 cup of yogurt and get a mask. After applying on your face take this mixture away from your face after 20 minutes, wash your face with warm water.

Here are the main homemade masks you can use to protect your skin. Fresh and beautiful skin is guaranteed!

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