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How Do I Find the Right Toiletry Bag?

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I have drawers full of makeup bags that I have received as gifts-with-purchase, and none of them seem to truly fit my needs. I don’t struggle with the rest of my suitcase, but the toiletries give me constant issues.

One of the complications is that it seems that none of my trips ever require the exact same packing list, so creating a standard toiletry bag has proved difficult. For example, if I am spending a weekend in Colorado I usually include extra sunscreen and almost no makeup. But heading to Minnesota for a wedding requires makeup and hair products and all sorts of things. A road trip is another task because I can forgo the 3-1-1 bag altogether and now everything must fit into one bag. All in all, it makes it hard to find the perfect bag for every trip!

I have ultimately decided that I need two, one large and one small. I have been looking into Sonia Kashuk bags online but was undecided about buying them sight unseen. On a recent trip to Target, I found them!

  • For the larger option, I’m tempted to try the Beauty Organizer which has one large compartment, two removable pouches, and a brush holder in the middle. I think this would work well to organize everything, plus the pouch could more than likely serve as the 3-1-1 bag and can then fit right back in. And it packs flat!
  • For the smaller option, I looked at the Small Train Case which has a main compartment, a brush holder in the lid, and a removable zip bag. The features seem good for organization plus it is relatively small.

I did look at the Weekender but it just seemed way too big for my needs.

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