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Is Dual Cleansing Worth the Extra Step?

Woman cleansing face

The dual cleanse or double cleanse method seems to be taking off, so to speak. It has long been a part of the Korean and Japanese skin care regimen, but has recently become very popular here.

For those who are unfamiliar with this concept, it generally refers to using a cleansing oil first to remove makeup and impurities than a foaming cleanser or soap to refresh the skin and remove any remaining residue.

One of the more popular dual cleansing brands is the Double Cleanse Duo from DHC. This product pair contains their Deep Cleansing Oil as well as a bar of their Mild Soap. The online reviews give the duo 4.9 stars out of 5, and 99% of the respondents would recommend it to a friend! That’s pretty incredible. I have tried this product pair in the past and was very impressed with how my skin felt after using both as a dual method.

With the cleansing oil concept gaining popularity quickly, it makes sense that the double cleansing method would be gaining traction as well. I have tried some lovely cleansing oils (and some terrible ones by the way), but sometimes I do feel the need to wash again. Perhaps there is something to this!

I do not always feel the need to wash my face a second time, especially if I have not worn makeup that day. My efforts to downsize my regimens and my products are not conducive to adding another cleanser. But it does turn the nighttime routine into a lovely ritual, and it makes me feel like I am taking care of myself. I don’t know if I would use the double cleanse every single night, but it is a beautiful way to get ready for dreamland.

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