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Three Purses You Need To Own

Woman outdoors with fashionable yellow bag

Some of us may have a closet full of different purses while others may only use one bag for absolutely everything until it falls apart at the seams. But if you fall somewhere in between, you may wonder what handbags are absolutely essential. For the most part, that will depend on your lifestyle – do you have children in tow? Do you travel frequently? Do you carry a laptop and work files to and from the office?

For the most part, here are three good basic bags that you should have readily available and in good working condition.

  • The larger everyday bag – Consider your daily needs carefully including what you need to carry with you as well as what is the best style/shape. A larger shoulder bag is the typical everyday bag. For most women, having at least a few pockets on the inside or outside the bag helps keep everything more organized and easier to find.
  • The smaller crossbody bag – The cross-body bag is usually a smaller, lighter purse that can just hold the essentials. It is perfect for running errands on the weekends or grabbing as you head out to lunch. Because they are typically smaller, they can fit easily inside the larger everyday bag and can be grabbed when you only need the basics.
  • The comfortable travel bag – And whether you travel weekly or annually, it is always good to have a larger travel bag ready and available. This can be a rolling laptop bag, a backpack, or a roomy tote. It just depends, again, on your lifestyle and needs. Make sure it is large enough for all of your travel essentials but that it is still comfortable to carry should you have long distances to walk.

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