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How to Have a Model’s Posture

There is something graceful about the way a model moves. From their posture alone, you will notice how they demand attention with the overall aura of confidence that they give out. The good news is, this kind of posture is not limited to models alone. You too can strut your stuff in that model posture by trying to correct the following posture problems:

  • Forward Head – Ifyou find that your head is not aligned with the rest of your body, this could mean that the muscles at the back of your neck are stiff. To correct this, push your chin toward your sternum, making that only your head is moving. Stretch the back of your neck while you do this, holding the position for 5 counts. Do this up to 10 times each day.
  • Rounded Shoulders – Rounded shoulders gives the visual of a scooped back which means that the muscle that runs from your shoulders to your back is weak. A simple exercise could help you correct this. Lying face down on a flat surface, put each arm at a 90° angle as if you’re giving someone a high five. Raise your arms as you pull your shoulders back and squeeze your shoulder blades together, making sure that the angle of your elbows does not change. Hold this pose for around 5 seconds. Do 12 sets of these around two or three times a day.
  • Elevated Shoulders – If your shoulders are too elevated, it causes your neck to appear shorter. Sit upright on a sturdy chair, placing your hands next to your hips with the palms flat on the seat and your arms straight. Lift up your hips from the seat by pushing down on the chair, making sure that your arms do not move. Hold this pose for 5 seconds. Do 12 sets two to three times a day.

These simple exercises should help you correct your posture, especially if you do them regularly. Results will not be instant of course, but you will notice the slight improvements week after week as you start showing the kind of confidence that every model oozes.

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