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Twerkout Fitness Tips

If you want to create your workout plan, you may go for twerkout fitness, as it has become very popular among women recently. This type of fitness is the hot trend of the moment. To loose extra calories, you had better have a look at this dance workout.

It’s proved that twerking will provide you with a slim figure. You don’t have to attend gym and spend all your time on running or doing other exercises. Twerkout is a special dance that works with your hips and body. Consider the following twerkout fitness tips.

Twerking as a Workout Plan

You are recommended going for twerking as your workout. There exist plenty of videos, which can show you the technique of this dance. You may go for the beginners’ classes or if you already dominate this level, you may pass to other twerking moves.

It’s quite easy to purchase twerking videos and create your own workout plan. There are plenty of dance moves, so you may find the best one for your body and enjoy your time dancing and loosing calories.

Twerking as a Type of Exercise

You should follow several essential steps while going for twerking. Below, we will introduce them. If you are interested, read on!

Squat Posture and Shake Twerk

Choose the squat posture. It should create an image as if you are preparing to sit on the chair. Then, pay much attention to your booty. Your hands should be either near your two sides or above them. The rest is up to your butt. You should make it move back and forward. Do this type of exercise as much as possible and get an ideal figure.

Place Your Hands on the Ground

First, put your legs in a parallel position, make them straight and part them from each other. Place both your hands on the ground so that your fingertips reach it. Then, slightly bend and immediately make your legs straight while listening to music. While twerking, you may make your body shake, as well.

Go for the Wall Twerk

It’s rather difficult to carry out the wall twerk, as you should make your arms work hard. This type of dance will focus not only on your body, but also on your legs and arms.

Stand a little away from the wall. Place your hands on the ground and your feet on the wall. Try not to fall. Stay in this position at least for a minute and make your feet go up the wall.

These twerkout fitness tips will greatly help you to have a slim figure and enjoy dancing at the same time.

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