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What Do You Carry Your Lunch In?

Woman eating salad from blue Tupperware

How do you transport your food to work, whether that be breakfast, lunch, snacks, or all of the above? Are you the type to take a traditional brown paper sack or have you upgraded?

The advantages of the brown paper sack are that the material is recyclable and they are super inexpensive to buy.  The disadvantages are that you have to keep buying them, they are not really reusable, and they have no insulation should you not have a refrigerator available.

There are millions of lunch bags available, from your local store to Amazon to eBags.  There is certainly one to fit your style and your needs.  Personally, I prefer the reusable lunch bags.  I also prefer the reusable containers for the food itself.  My current lunch bag is the Igloo Leftover Lunch Bag in Black and White Plaid.  It has a handy front pocket for silverware or napkins, plus it holds quite a bit.  My actual lunch containers are the iKitchenPlus Bento Food Containers which I love.  I like the fact that they are decent sized as well as compartmentalized.  I can pack a week’s worth of lunches on Sunday and then just stack them in the fridge.  Ready to go!  Previously I used the Laptop Lunches Bento-ware sets but found the sets did not quite hold what I wanted them to hold.  I still have the interior containers that I use for all sorts of things, but I do not find myself using the entire sets.

I do know that some elementary schools are now requiring that kids bring completely reusable food containers to school, no disposable containers at all.  I think it is a great step in sustainability, and it teaches the kids to make the most of their resources.

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