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Holiday Wish List: Makeup

Makeup products on black marble table

I may be a fashion minimalist, but makeup is a different story!  There are so many beautiful makeup pieces out there that I tend to collect them by the drawer full!  Keep in mind that I usually prefer sets to palettes, but sometimes the palettes are hard to resist.  Oh, and mini anything is very tempting indeed!  Here are my top five wish-list makeup items that I would love to see in my stocking.

  1. The Bobbi Brown 3-pc. Mini Palette Set is both palette and set. It contains a gorgeous neutral lipstick plus a stunning eyeshadow set that I can hardly resist buying for myself. Maybe I’ll just take it off the list and surprise myself with it!
  1. and 3. The Nudestix Berry Nude Lips Mini Set and the Nudestix Nude(art)ist Magnetic Eye Box Set are really catching my eye as well. I have been eager to try this brand and have not had the opportunity just yet. One thing I love about the lip set in particular is that all three pencils are for both lips and cheeks.
  1. If you are unfamiliar with Stowaway Cosmetics, you should really check it out. They offer top-quality cosmetics in ‘sizes we should be using anyway’. I haven’t had the chance to try them out yet, but my first purchase will definitely include the credit-card-sized Stowaway Cosmetics Essential Eye Palette if I don’t get it as a gift.  I’d probably buy the entire Essentials Kit if the Beauty Balm contained sunscreen.
  1. And if someone wants to go all out for me this year, the Laura Mercier ‘The Iconics-Celebrating 20 Years of Artistry’ Collection would not be turned down! It contains 13 of her best featured products, some in min size and some in full size.

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