Food That Is Actually Staining Your Teeth

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Smiling is a wonderful thing. As it is said by wise men, we can change someone’s life to better with our smile. And even we can make an everlasting opinion about someone smiling nice. But what can disturb us not to do so?

Because of our teeth are not being 100% white we may not feel to open our mouth for a smile.

You brush your teeth every day, do mouth wash and floss, but still you don’t see it effects on whitening your teeth and you are hopeless if it can ever get better.

Food That Is Actually Staining Your Teeth

So let’s look over the things that disturb our teeth be perfectly white. And you will surprisingly be glad to read this article.

There are some foods that you need to avoid eating if you want your teeth be whiter as they stain your teeth.

Beet: Beets are very rich in vitamins so people who are recommended or just like to eat them brush your teeth right after eating so that with time the color doesn’t stick to your teeth.

Berries: These are nutritious and tasty. But through its colored pigments they stick to your teeth enamel and deprive your teeth of being whiter. So you should avoid them.

Cracker: These kinds of sweets are making sugar remain on teeth and then bacteria starts in mouth.

Vinegar: Not all kinds of vinegar but particularly balsamic ones are most pigmented. Almost all ingredients in it are to stain your teeth. Avoid them as much as you can.

Pickles: It is a sad news for pickle lovers. Dears avoid pickles. It contains a lot of acid.  As much you enjoy its sour taste as much it washes the enamel of your teeth away.

Walnuts: Walnuts are rich with vitamin E and it is such a miracle ingredient for us to have, but black ones should be avoided if your goal for having whiter teeth is higher. It is one of the foods that stain your teeth.

Tea and coffee: For regular tea or coffee drinkers it is going to be a real challenge. As for your teeth it can be the main damage done by tea or coffee. Tea’s and coffee’s pigments are leaving yellow stains on your white teeth making them look unclean and yellow.

Tomato Sauce or ketchup: Who doesn’t like tomatoes? With its red color it calls us to have them. But as it is rich with acidity and leaves big stains on enamel, try to avoid.

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