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Gorgeous Crown Braids Inspired By Pinterest

Braids are to give most fashionable and extraordinary looks ever. Doesn’t matter if it is a fishtail or a crown. All kinds of braids have their place in fashion. You may be blown away when you see the variety of braids you can do. It starts with casual braids and ends up with some formal or official occasion’s braids. You can have it in sunny days, in windy days as well as in rainy days.

A braid crown: This is for a queen. It is a braid that rolls for one or two times on the top of the head and makes a crown look.

French crown braid: This crown is being made with starting the braid from the front middle part of the hair, above the forehead, and it goes half way in difference with braid crowns.

Sleek braid: Sleek braid crown is a thick braid on the top of one’s head. This gives a super classic look. Crown braid can also be done with a thick crown and a bit smaller round around with top of the head.

Double crown braid: Double crown braid can be schoolgirl’s hairstyle and it can be ended with a ponytail in the bottom.

Tiny braids:  Tiny braids can be used to make them as a hairband. Leave the rest hair open. Some are not even going to know if it is your own hair.

Big braided bun: To make this braid bun you need to start the braid from the top and go on one side and end with a fish tail hanging on one side. Then with the help of a thick hair band you need to tight rest of your hair, leaving the fishtail aside. Roll the fishtail around the thick bun, and then take another band to tight the ponytail left over the braid roll. Tight left hair with some hair pins.

If you have your half hair colored then it is going to be an interesting crown with double crown braid. Highlights will not let it go. Looking at it will be fun and you will enjoy people’s attention. You are going to love it.

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