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Diet Tips for Thicker Hair

Tired of dealing with thin, unhealthy looking hair? Don’t know what exact methods to use in order to improve the quality of your hair? Well, follow reading below and find out the most useful diet tips for thicker hair and achieve the desired results in a short amount of time!

Avoid Counting Calories

Providing the needed amount of vitamins and nutrients to your body is one of the most important things to do when it comes to trying to improve the quality of your hair. Thus, considering that counting calories can actually keep you away from eating enough we suggest you to stop counting calories and eat as much as your body needs without worrying about anything as your body knows better what’s necessary for its health!

Avoid Processed Food

Ok, one of the most important things to know is that processed food not only is harmful for your body but for your hair as well as it contains nothing but empty calories. So, whatever you do, make sure you stay away from processed food if you want to have thicker hair.

Eat Protein

Protein is well-known for its ability to build collagen and keratin in your hair which means that if you want to achieve the desired results of having thick, healthy hair you might need to focus on protein when planning a new diet.

Add Biotin Rich Foods to your Diet

Eating foods rich in Biotin such us nuts, seeds, oats, brown rice, eggs not only will aid to grow healthier and thicker hair but also will help you to improve the condition of your nails and make them grow faster as well which is why we find providing Biotin to your body very important.

Eat Fish

Eating fish two or three times a week is also another thing that guarantees leading you to the desired results as fish contains  Omega 3s which are considered very beneficial when it comes to restoring collagen and improving the condition of your hair.

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