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The Top 10 Pantone Colors for Fall 2014

Pantone is considered a color authority nowadays as it picks the colors of the year considering the color influences worldwide. And this time as well taking account the upcoming fall 2014 Pantone decided for once again to present as the characteristic colors for fall season. So, take a look!

Top 10 Pantone Colors Fall 2014#1: Sangria

There is no need to explain a lot as the name itself screams celebratory. This is a comparably vibrant tone that comes up to add a positive vibe to the chilly days of fall season.

Top 10 Pantone Colors Fall 2014#2: Aurora Red

An alluring tone of red that will perfectly match with the natural colors of fall season! In fact, having blue undertones Aurora Red is considered a comparably cool approach of the typical red.

Top 10 Pantone Colors Fall 2014#3: Radiant Orchid

A gorgeous, soft tone that works the best for men and women appears to be Radiant Orchid, a color that is going to be very popular this fall 2014.

Top 10 Pantone Colors Fall 2014#4: Mauve Mist

A beautiful and very elegant color that has the magical ability to attract everyone’s attention without being a vibrant hue appears to be Mauve Mist.

Top 10 Pantone Colors Fall 2014#5: Cypress

A natural color that is becoming more and more popular nowadays! In fact, as our beloved designers claim it’s going to be among the dominating colors for the upcoming fall season.

Top 10 Pantone Colors Fall 2014#6:  Bright Cobalt

Bright cobalt is also another stunning color that is expected to be seen in many collections for this fall 2014 and the fact of it being a bright hint and only is enough to assume that this color will be a great choice to express an attitude!

Top 10 Pantone Colors Fall 2014#7: Royal Blue

An aristocratic tone that can be one of the best choices for creating a sophisticated look for this fall 2014 appears to be Royal Blue.

Top 10 Pantone Colors Fall 2014#8: Aluminum

An alluring color that ranges between silver and grey and appears to be a preferable one for many designers due to its versatility is Aluminum.

Top 10 Pantone Colors Fall 2014#9: Cognac

An exciting and very interesting, new approach of the classy brown that used to be among the dominating colors of fall season so far appears to be Cognac for this fall 2014.

Top 10 Pantone Colors Fall 2014#10: Misted Yellow

Another interesting hue that comes up to embellish every fashionista and add a charming allure to the entire look is Misted Yellow.

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