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Louise Roe Red Carpet Beauty Secrets Revealed

Louise Roe’s excitement about the Academy Awards cannot remain unnoticed. The world famous correspondent will reveal the splendid looks of such celebrities, as Sandra, Cate and many others, who appear on the red carpet.

Before appearing at the fabulous show of the Academy Awards, Louise Roe reveals the red carpet beauty secrets. She had an interview with StyleBistro and expressed her opinion about splendid looks, fabulous makeup and brandy outfits.

StyleBistro was keen to know which of the celebrities Louise Roe desired to see at the show. Louise Roe gives preference to Lupita Nyong’o, as she is for bold looks and pulls off outfits in various shades. Besides, Lupita Nyong’o is famous for her astounding silhouettes.

As for her amazing moments on the red carpet, Louise Roe reveals her beauty secrets, mentioning her long red gown made of lace, which she pulled off at the Golden Globes. She paired her splendid gown with the brown smoky eye makeup and a side swept wavy hairstyle. The fabulous clutch embellished her outfit.

Louise Roe reveals her red carpet makeup secret, as well. She gets inspired by the magazines, while creating a fantastic makeup and consults with her makeup artist Rachel Wood. Though Louise is for experiments, she always wears a dramatic eye makeup, applies bronze on her cheeks and goes for a lipstick in a natural hue.

Louise Roe gives information about the Cache brand. She is amazed with its exquisite dresses, which fit her figure perfectly.

For spring 2014, Louise Roe is for a stunning dress in a pink shade, which is decorated with beads. She pulls off this dress quite frequently.

As for the latest trend, Louise Roe gives preference to long gowns with floral prints, jackets made of leather and shorts, made of denim fabric.

Revealing her red carpet beauty secrets, Louise Roe helps you to get acquainted with her great taste to fashion.

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