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How Do I Pick the Right Purse for Me?

Woman holding a stylish purse

There are many different schools of thought related to choosing the right handbag. Of course, most women own several for a variety of occasions! You certainly would not carry your laptop bag to a black-tie function and a sequined clutch would look rather strange if you work in a bank.

  • Choosing the bag for your body type – This theory is based on the shape and scale of your body combined with the shape and scale of your bag. These ratios should balance each other out instead of competing. If you can, try the bag on in the store, same as you would a piece of clothing. Does the bag emphasize a part of your body that you don’t mind emphasizing? As a general rule, the shape of the bag should be opposite the shape of your body. Curvy carries structured while lanky carries slouchy.
  • Choosing the bag for your needs – This theory is rather obvious in nature. Pick one that suits your needs first and foremost. For example, I would never purchase a clutch, no matter who says I should. I like the use of my arms and hands, and this style feels like it handicaps me. A wristlet I can handle though, so to speak! The cross-body style is a personal favorite because it is completely hands-free. On a regular basis, I carry a large tote that holds a smaller cross-body bag inside.

While I feel the overall look of the bag with your body type is important, I usually lean more towards the practicality of the bag over the specific shape. I suppose I am more interested in function than form. And yes, I think even the most practical of minimalists have at least two bags in their closet!

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