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Wearing Sneakers To Make Street Style Chicer

We are glad to present to you few, brand new interesting ways to rock a modern chic street style! Thus, follow reading below and find out the best ways to make street style chicer wearing trendy, comfy sneakers!

The Right Print

One of the most important things to consider if you want to style a pair of sneakers rightly is the print. Among the most inspiring looks presented in the runways is the stunning combo of skirt and upscale tennis shoes signed by Chanel.

The Color

Add a modern playful vibe to a classic black outfit by combining it with a pair of vibrant sneakers of a neon color and create a real statement look just as the gorgeous street style shown off by stunning model Imaan Hammam.

The Soft Feminine Touch

Use the jaw-dropping runway show presented by Yuna Yang fir this fall 2014 as a great source of inspiration to create a sophisticated street style with a soft feminine touch. Also, remember that the key tip for this look appear to be the gorgeous pair of sneakers with girly prints and designing details on.


An interesting approach of the trendy comfy sneakers appear to be the eye-catching leather ones due to their amazing ability of adding a tough touch to the entire look.

Metallic Hues

For those of you who can’t imagine their life without glamour we offer to stick with a stylish pair of sneakers with metallic hues in order to create a jaw-dropping modern chic street style that will leave impact on everyone!

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