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What are This Year’s Fall Purse Trends?

Woman with purse on balcony

In the same way we update our wardrobes for the changing of the seasons, our handbag could probably use an update too!  Since I carry the same one day in and day out, it always takes a beating in just a few months.

But instead of buying the same black or brown basic, your handbag can be a great statement piece that can liven up any outfit.  Plus shopping for a new one can be fun!

If you are in the market for a new bag this fall, here are a few trends to keep your eyes on:

  • Fluff and fur – Available in almost any shape and size, fur is everywhere. Depending on your personal style, a little goes a long way.  To ease into this trend, try a small clutch with fur trim.  And of course there are plenty of animal-friendly faux fur options if you are concerned.
  • User-friendly – And by ‘user-friendly’, I mean easy to carry. Sometimes the recent trends of extra straps everywhere can be a bit much.  This fall the trends seem to be leaning towards a hand-held purse with none of those extra straps bouncing about.
  • Hands-free – I love a good cross-body bag that leaves my hands available to shop or drive or whatever they need to do, including belt/hip bags which surprised me.
  • In the details – Reptile skin and fringe seem to be back. Beautiful mixed textures of snake and animal print are surprisingly universal.  Since they don’t match anything, they match everything!
  • The shape of everything – Whether you choose boxy, geometric, or saddle

Just go easy on the trends – do not carry anything with all of the trends at once!  Snake skin with fringe in a geometric triangle might just be a little too much.

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