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9-1-1 for Fashion Emergencies

Sewing kit on wooden table

We have all had those days–whether that is a run in the hose or a button that is a thread away from coming off completely. But by creating a small and portable 9-1-1 kit, you can divert that disaster in just moments!

  • Running from meeting to meeting can take a toll on those beautiful high heels. Keep a tiny tube of Superglue in your kit to mend that broken heel in minutes. Just be patient while the glue dries since that little dot will be holding up your body weight.
  • Depending on where the button is located, make sure that your kit contains safety pins and a travel sewing kit. The safety pins usually work better if the button is from a skirt or a pair of pants; the sewing kit usually works better on a blouse.
  • Inevitably we will find ourselves with coffee on our slacks or ink on our sweater. Having a Tide To Go stick in the 9-1-1 kit will ensure that that stain will be just a memory by your next appointment.
  • Clear nail polish will help stop that hosiery run in its tracks. It can’t mask the effects but it can stop them from getting worse.
  • Double stick tape is a must-have for a fashion emergency kit. When that blouse will not lay shut or the hem falls out of your slacks, tape it up until you can get it fixed permanently.
  • In addition to the countless beauty uses, petroleum jelly can buff out a scuff mark on those leather boots or that leather handbag.

In addition to these items that can be packed in advance, also remember that there may be some solutions readily available where the emergencies happen–for example, ice will help remove that sticky gum.

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