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Celebrities Who Were Models Once

Most celebrities started their career as models and became famous. Gradually they found their great talent and had a chance to express themselves in another way.

Here is the list of celebrities who were once models. They refused from the shoots and the runway and chose another way, which was a right decision.

Angelina Jolie was once a Model

Angelina Jolie is one of those celebrities, who were once models. She looked for a model’s job not only in Los Angeles but also in New York and London. Though later Angelina Jolie chose the theatre, she was once a model. She was greatly influenced by her model’s work while opting for the roles.

Jennifer Lawrence was once a Model

Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t considered a great model for A&F, and her photos were not outstanding. The great actress explained that she didn’t have any success in this sphere as she was really devoted to football instead of taking good photos.

Charlize Theron was once a Model

The famous actress Charlize Theron was once a model. In her 16s, she signed a contract and left for Milan to work as a model. However, Charlize wasn’t fond of the modeling career and soon she went to ballerina classes and then returned Los Angeles to become an actress.

Amanda Seyfried was once a Model

At her early age, Amanda Seyfried was a model, appearing at the advertisements, showing brandy outfits. She also adorned the pages of the books. When Amanda was already 17, she refused from this career.

Sienna Miller was once a Model

Sienna Miller signed a contract with Select Model Management in London and began her modeling career. You could see her in Italian Vogue and she had her great role in Coca-Cola, as well. Thus, Sienna Miller is among those celebrities, who were once models.

Rebecca Romijn was once a Model

Rebecca Romijn was one of Victoria’s Secret models. She worked as model for two years and appeared at Armani and Anna Molinari Fashion Shows. Then she was a model in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Uma Thurman was once a Model

Before becoming a great Hollywood actress, Uma Thurman was a model. In her 15s, she worked with Click Models, and then she was seen in Glamour magazine.

Halle Berry was once a Model

Halle Berry was once a model in Chicago. She worked in the trading industry and in the print advertisement as model. Later she went to New York to become a famous actress.

Cameron Diaz was once a Model

In her 16s, Cameron Diaz chose the way of modeling, which lasted for 5 years. She had a contract with Elite Model Management. You cooperated with such great companies as Coca Cola and Calvin Klein.

Martha Stewart was once a Model

During the studies at the college, Martha Stewart worked as model for Chanel. Compared with the other celebrities, she never became an actress. Instead, Martha Stewart was successful in business.

Thus, none of the mentioned above celebrities were born as famous actresses, they all were once models.

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