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Best Celebrity Stylists Ever

Being responsible for a celebrity’s look is one of the hardest missions for a stylist to accomplish. However, as facts prove there are some professionals who have reached success in this field and are considered the best celebrity stylists due to their ability to create iconic looks that are becoming inspirational for funs! Follow reading below and find out who have been recognized the best celebrity stylists so far!

Leslie Fremar

Being a trustful stylist for beloved stars such as Julianne Moore, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Connelly talented Leslie Fremar doesn’t need any other proofs to convince us that she is in the lead on the list of the best celebrity stylists ever!

Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth Stewart is another talented stylist, well known for successfully taking care of the looks of famous Hollywood celebs such as Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Chastain, Frieda Pinto and January Jones. After such an A-list of famous clients no wonder why she is on the top list!

Micaela Erlanger

Micaela Erlanger is a well-known professional in this field but the latest jaw-dropping looks of stunning Lupita Nyong’o can be considered the cherry on the top of an amazing work done by the impressive celebrity stylist!

Petra Flannery

Petra Flannery managed to steal our attention after dressing famous Amy Adams and Claire Danes for a whole awards season and this way hit the top charts of the best celebrity stylists!

Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe is considered one of the most inspirational stylists nowadays. In fact she managed to impress us more than once by creating iconic looks of famous starts among who appear to be Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Garner, Sofia Vergara etc.

Erin Walsh

Mentioning the latest outstanding looks of Kerry Washington and only is enough for you to understand why exactly talented Erin Walsh is also included in the list of the best!

Christina Ehrlich

With an A-list including beloved celebs just as Tina Fey, Allison Williams, Margot Robbie to Greta Gerwig and Alison Brie there can be no doubt that Christina Ehrlich is on the lead!

Karla Welch and Kemal Harris

This team of stylists is standing out having the most impressive client list as is collaborating with stars such as Robin Wright, Olivia Wilde, Elisabeth Moss,  Zooey Deschanel, Pink and even Justin Bieber!

Penny Lovell

Last but not least amazing Penny Lovell is also a talented stylist that we can’t just pass by as there have been innumerous cases when the stylist’s created looks left a big impact on us. No wonder why the stylist is trusted for looks of beloved celebs such as Anne HathawayTaylor Schilling and Rose Byrne!

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