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DIY Butterfly Nail Designs

Bufferfly nail designs are fabulous for this spring. This design will adorn your nail polish and make you look lovely. Following the easy tutorial of the DIY butterfly nail design, you will have something exquisite on your nails, without spending much money in the salons.

You may consider butterfly nail designs a bit difficult to create but after reading the mentioned below steps, you will be able to draw them yourself. In case you are a beginner, you had better go for the Monarch butterfly nail design, as there is no special technique and no difficulty.

All you need for this DIY butterfly nail design: two various tones of orange, white and black shades and for a final look a clear coat. You should also take a sponge, a thin brush and of course, a tool for creating dots.

First, apply the white manicure in a matte tone, Wait a little until this shade dries totally and then go on creating the butterfly nail design. Create an ombre mani with the two hues of orange, using the sponge. Then take the black nail polish and the thin brush and draw a roundabout line on the base part of your nail. Draw 3-4 lines, which are vertical to the roundabout line and which stretch to the nail tip. Then paint another roundabout line at the nail tip, closing these 4 lines. Fill that part with a black nail polish. Thus, you will depict the wings of the butterfly.

After drying, create white dots with a dotting tool on your nail tip. Finally, apply the clear top and finish the creation of the splendid DIY butterfly nail design.

Consider that you may be more creative and use other shades, as well. Adding glitter on your nails will make your butterfly design more astounding.

Opt for this amazing nail design and differ from your friends.

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