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Back to School Nail Art Designs

Summer has come to its end, but our summery mood and desire to experiment is still on! Nail art designs give you a great room to do whatever you take from imagination, and if you still miss your school years, these back to school nail art designs will take you to your memories every time you create them! So, let’s make a tour and create a school nail art design that reminds school uniform, of course, with innovations and new approaches!

School Nail Art Designs: Your Blackboard

For creating a look of blackboard you need a full black matte manicure, or a simple one, but if it is not matte you should add matte coat on top. Let them dry and move on!

School Nail Art Designs: Polka Dot Nails

Now very beloved polka dots! Here you need a light pink manicure and special dotting tool or just simple paper clips to create dots. Of course, you may yourself choose where to put the dots, but believe, they look perfect on pinky and ring fingers. Use the dotting tool to create same-size dots on both fingers.

School Nail Art Designs: Plaid Nails

Now we are creating the school uniform look! Well, to start with, take striping brush end and create equally spaced lines horizontally with white manicure and two of them in the same way but vertically. It’s really easy and fast to do!

School Nail Art Designs: Checkered Nails

For doing the final steps, just take light blue striping brush end and paint two straight lines of this color very carefully to the right of vertical white lines that you have already painted. Continue painting two more lines below the horizontal white lines; do them very accurately.

Now, you must keep yourself away from everything that may spoil your manicure until it is dried. Just 15 minutes of patience and your amazing back to school nail art design is ready to beat all other types of nail designs!

Get inspired from these back to school nail art designs and welcome September in style!

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