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Makeup Tips According to Your Hair Color

If you know how to apply makeup well, we will show you how to make it match your hair color. If you really make them go together as great as they look separately taken, you will look impeccable! So let’s discover together some makeup tips according to your hair color!

Makeup Tips for Brunettes

Brunettes are allowed to do bright makeup and still make it match their hair color! Well, you may apply bright orange or any other bold and bright lipstick with liner, as it will secure the lipstick and keep it accurate for a long time!

Make dark brows with the help of brows-liner or eye shadow! Don’t be afraid to look bold with dark brows, as the bright lipstick will make your makeup look lighter!

As for the eyes, make them shine a little bit with the help of eye shadows! Some shine will give you shiny look and mood!

Makeup Tips for Platinum Blondes

Platinum blonds should be careful not to overdone their look. So for lips, choose lighter colors, like beige or other natural ones.

As we have light lips we may freely make eyes a bit darker. You may apply liner and a bit darker eye shadows in natural shades! Finish with black mascara!

For blush you may go for bronze tones and have a bit toned cheeks!

Last but not least, make your eyebrows match your skin tone, of course, darker than your hair is!

Makeup Tips for Redheads

For redheads it’s not advisable to have bold lips, just go for more natural colors, underlining the shape of your lips with same color liner!

For eyes you may choose some purple, light and also darker! It will play around your hair color and create a flattering look! And a bit of shimmer will complete your eye makeup!

To finish, just apply light blush in natural tones! These simple makeup tips for redheads will bring out the shine f your gorgeous hair color!

Makeup Tips for Auburn Hair

Ruby lips are just ideal and irreplaceable for auburn hair, so don’t go around, try both light and bold rubies!

Don’t apply too much of foundation; it will make you look heavy and overdone. Just apply primer or concealer and that would be enough!

As for your eyes, smokey eye makeup is the best option here! If you have auburn hair color, you are free to apply smokey eye makeup in light and bold versions!

The last touch of makeup process is the blush and here you need creamy, dewy shades for your cheeks!

Here are all the makeup tips you need to know to apply a makeup according to your hair color! 

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