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How to Apply Primer and Foundation Correctly

It is not a secret that wearing makeup in not enough to reach the perfect look as you have to know how to use makeup products rightly and one of the hardest things is to combine primer and foundation rightly. Most of us deal with this issue and usually the dilemma of using the primer first or then the foundations ends with unsatisfying results. Well, there is no need to get frustrated about it anymore as here we present two easy methods that will help you apply primer and foundation rightly.

So, according to professionals there are two ways of combining primer and foundation. Thus, you can apply primer first and then foundation layered on the top or you can mix the two products together. Now read the makeup tips below and get detailed information about these two methods.

Full Coverage Primer and Foundation Duo

Apply a thin layer of your primer all over your face. Then count a minute to follow the next step and apply the foundation only on the needed spots like nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

Light Coverage Primer and Foundation Duo

Mix together an equal amount of both the primer and the foundation and make sure you blend them well. Once you’ve done that apply the mixture on the needed parts, such as the forehead, cheeks and nose and blend it again. Note, make sure you haven’t applied large amounts of the mixture on the needed spots to avoid a “mask effect”. You can also use a translucent powder if needed in order to avoid the wet effect.

Last but not least, remember to always combine HD primer with HD foundation in order to get better results.

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