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Brilliant Makeup Tips for Very Dark Skin

Tired of looking for the best makeup tips for very dark skin? Well there is no need to waste time looking for the needed information or experimenting in order to figure out what works the best for dark skin type as here we present seven makeup tips that will help you apply makeup on dark skin correctly and get the desired results.

Avoid Very Light Hues

One of the most important makeup tips for very dark skin dictates to avoid wearing super light shades, as these can create a chalky effect, which is definitely not what you wanted at first. Thus, stick with mid dark or even darker hues, when it comes to the perfect color palette.

Foundation Trick

It is recommended to stick to yellow-based foundation so it will blend better with your skin tone and look natural.

Choose the Right Lip Colors

If you consider yourself a dark-skinned woman, then the best options for lip color for you would be earth tones and don’t forget to match your lip liner to your lip gloss perfectly so your lip liner can’t be distinguished.

Shimmery and Metallic Eyeshadows

Of course, avoiding light colors doesn’t mean staying away from shimmery or metallic hues as well. Moreover shimmery or metallic eyeshadows work the best with dark skin tones and add a bit of drama to the whole look.

Highlight Your Cheekbones Correctly

If you don’t want to use a lot of bronzer then the best way to highlight your cheekbones would be using some shimmer in order to add some shine. In fact, shimmer in another great way to add some drama to your look so, don’t even take a second thought before trying it.

Stick with Eye-Catching Pinks

Especially for a night out look, stick with glamorous pink or dark burgundy lip colors and create a makeup style that will leave an unforgettable impact.

Emphasize Your Eyes

Another great tip for dark-skinned women is the one of black or brown eyeliner. These two tones not only match your skin tone but also are considered the best tones for eyeliner when it comes to emphasizing naturally beautiful eyes.

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