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20 Gorgeous Cat Eyes Makeup Looks to Get Inspired By

Makeup stylists create a great variety of eye makeup. Each one is unique and gorgeous in its way. You should only consider the occasion and choose the one, which will be most suitable.

Cat eyes makeup has a special place among the women. They are not only trendy for all seasons, but make you look screaming and glamorous. Here are 20 gorgeous cat eyes makeup looks to get inspired by.

1.    Bryce Dallas Howard’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Wearing a cat eyes makeup, this celebrity got the most stunning look at the film festival. It seems like this makeup type is created for her. Bryce Dallas Howard finished her fabulous look with bold red lips.

2.    Sofia Vergara’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Sofia’s makeup was without any imperfections and the cat eyes makeup was at the spot of attention. Her earrings made of precious stones and her glossy lipstick completed the exposing look.

3.    Rita Ora’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

If you look for an exotic look, you may get inspired by Rita Ora’s cat eyes makeup look. This makeup worked great with her trendy short hairstyle.

4.    Jennifer Hudson’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Jennifer Hudson’s cat eye makeup look went perfectly with her black skin tone. For a dramatic look, she added a dark eyeshadow and a nude lip color to her cate eyes makeup.

5.    Alyson Michalka’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Here is a great cat eyes makeup idea for women. Draw your inspiration from Alyson Michalka’s splendid makeup. She left her eyes bare without any eyeshadow and got a retro touch. Alyson also pulled off a trendy half up and half down hairstyle and created soft curls. She accessorized her hairstyle with a bow in a black color. For a youthful look, you may go for Alyson’s nude lip color.

6.    Lily Collins’ Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Lily Collins highlighted her green eyes, wearing a cat eyes makeup in a gray tone. For a jovial look, she opted for soft waves and let them loose. Lily accentuated her stunning look with a golden necklace.

7.    Selena Gomez’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Create a dramatic look, going for Selena Gomez’s cat eyes makeup. She looked lovely with her super sleek hairstyle, which is sectioned in the center. Her glossy lipstick gave her a modest look.

8.    Hayley Orrantia’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Hayley wore a bold cat eyes makeup with wings and got an eccentric look. She achieved a girly look, pulling off a low ponytail. Hayley made it curly and swept to one side.

9.     Zendaya Coleman’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Here is another gorgeous cat eyes makeup look, you may get inspired by. Zendaya highlighted her beautiful look, creating a slender cat eyes makeup. Her chocolate hair looked great with soft layers, which gave her a lovely appearance. Zendaya’s playful look was achieved, wearing a nude lipstick.

10.  Cymphonique Miller’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

At the BET Awards Cymphonique pulled off a cat eyes makeup for a glamorous look. She added a bright eyeshadow and paired it with a fine glossy lipstick. Cymphonique looked attractive in her big and textured curls.

11.  Mandy Moore’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Each woman may go for this bold cat eyes makeup look like Mandy Moore. She paired it with her trendy black gown. Looking from the front part, you will never discover that Mandy Moore wears a chic updo hairstyle. Her glossy lipstick ins rose shade gave her look brightness and extra femininity.

12.  Penelope Mitchell’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

This celebrity was also for a bold cat eyes makeup look. Penelope achieved her crispy look, pulling off a glowy lipstick. This look is quite simple but attractive.

13.  Nicole Winhoffer’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Nicole rocked one of the gorgeous cat eye makeup looks. She was for a heavy type of cat eyes makeup. For a tidy look, Nicole experimented with aa stylish hair knot hairstyle, adding chopsticks. Her bold look was ready with a red lipstick.

14.  Haley Bennett’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

As Haley was fond of a retro style, she decided to wear a small cat eyes makeup and matched it with a faux bob hairstyle. Haley’s strawberry locks perfectly went with her coral lipstick shade. It is a great inspiration for those women who seek for a trendy look.

15.  Bianca Balti’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Bianca completely went for a bold look, making her cat eyes makeup too sharp and in a dark tone. On the red carpet, Bianca paired her fabulous look with a super sleek bun hairstyle. For a more glamorous look, this celebrity tried a red lip tone.

16.  Coco Rocha’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

For a fabulous and celestial look, Coco Rocha styled an elegant cat eyes makeup. It looked great with her fantastic twisted bun hairstyle. The pink color of her jacket, went with her pink lipstick tone.

17.  Bip Ling’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

If you want to combine the smoky eye makeup with a cat eyes one, get inspired by Bip Ling’s look. She finished her look with a lovely high ponytail hairstyle.

18.  Stefanie Scott’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Stefanie Scott got her dramatic look, trying a cat eyes makeup look. She matched her perfect eye makeup with a trendy blonde hair color. She middle sectioned her hair and made it super straight.

19.  Dakota Fanning’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

Dakota opted for a thick type of cat eyes makeup. She made her blonde locks straight, sweeping to one side, which may be a fabulous choice for each woman.

20.  Amelia Lily’s Cat Eyes Makeup Look

If you are looking for an extraordinary and eye-catching look, find your inspiration from Amelia Lily’s cat eyes makeup look. She looked like a rocker in this makeup. Moreover, Amelia created two top knots with her pink hair.

Thus, have a look at these 20 gorgeous cat eye makeup looks and choose your personal style among them.

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