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The New Hair Trend of Pastel Colors

Are you ready to be introduced to a beauty trend that will shock you? Well, grab a comfortable sit and get ready to admire the new, jaw-dropping hair trend of pastel colors! Inspired by art the stunning colors considered trendy for this spring/summer 2014 are definitely alternatives for only few of you that have enough courage to rock such trend!  Moreover, capturing our beloved stars already rocking the new trend we can say that it’s already making its big debut!

Pastel Colors Hair Trend: Lilac

A stunning pastel color that has the magical ability to add a soft, romantic touch to the whole look while perfectly maintaining its edgy vibe appears to be lilac! Moreover, beloved celebs just as Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie and Ireland Baldwin come to prove the beauty of this hair color.

Pastel Colors Hair Trend: Aqua

We dare to say that this pastel hair color is definitely on the list of the most inspiring hair colors of 2014! A stunning aqua hue that can easily add a trendy vibe to any look and perfectly express your creativity! Moreover, this is a hair color that will make you easily stand out of the crowd without putting too much effort on that!

Pastel Colors Hair Trend: Pink

Another statement-making pastel hair color that is definitely worth trying is the gorgeous pink! Moreover, this is a color that not only adds a playful vibe to the entire look of your but also being extremely bright pink hair color guarantees to easily bring you in the center of attention which is definitely something desired for all fashionistas!

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