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The Braided Beret Hairstyle Tutorial

Braided beret hairstyles have recently intruded into fashion. One of the famous hairstylists Odilie Gilbert offered the braided beret hairstyle at the show of Creatures of the Wind. Just creating a braid, Gilbert managed to accessorize the models’ hair. To get this glamorous braided beret hairstyle, you should just follow this easy tutorial and learn the easy way of creating this amazing style.

The Braided Beret Hairstyle Tutorial

1.  Apply mousse on your wet hair and create a section on the right side.

2.  Apply a hair product, such as gel with lifting feature on your roots and use your hands to dry them.

3.  Use a balm on your dry tresses to give softness and glow. Then, apply a texture-enhancing product.   

4.  Take the sectioned part and start braiding, which goes downward the face. The braid should continue its way from the right part of the back of the head. To make it stay in place, use a hairspray.

5.  Go on braiding and finish the braid at the back part of your neck. Use an elastic to tie the end of your hair.

6.  Make the crown of your head and the braid, which comes over your forehead, look a little messy with your fingers.

7.  To complete this braided beret hairstyle, and hold it during the whole day, you should apply hairspray.

Create an Amazing Makeup Look

The world famous makeup artist James Boehmer paired the braided beret hairstyle with a fantastic makeup. Her recommends applying cream with a moisturizing feature on your face to get a fresh skin. To provide your skin with transparency, use a tinted moisturizer. Then shape your brows, brushing them, taking the upper direction. Make your lashes outstanding with dark mascara. The pink lipstick with a little gloss is an ideal choice for your lips.

Get inspired by this braided beret hairstyle tutorial and transform your dull look into something exquisite.

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