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The Best Haircuts for Straight Hair

Dealing with straight hair isn’t as easy as it seems from the first sight, as there is always the problem of getting the right haircut that will work the best with straight hair. Well, considering the importance of that, we decided to give you some inspiring haircut ideas for straight hair, so here we go!

Short Haircut

Getting a short haircut can be one of the best choices for you if you have silky, straight hair as any short hairstyle can be easily maintained. Thus, you can get a cute short pixie leaving about an inch of your hair on the top that will allow you to play with different styles. For those of you who want to create a bit of softer, feminine look we recommend a short pixie with long, side swept bangs while for a bold style a half shaved haircut would be the best option to go for!

Medium Haircut

Of course, medium length hair a layered asymmetrical cut would be a great choice. Moreover, you can also combine it with bangs and create a stunning red carpet look! To get the layers right make sure you’ve looked which style flatters you face shape the best.

Long Haircut

Now for those of you who want to keep the length of their hair we suggest getting at least a simple trim in order to get rid of damaged, spit ends. Now, if you are looking forward to get a stylish haircut yet hold onto the length we recommend getting some layers in the front combined with side bangs.

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