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Romantic Criss-Crossed Updo Tutorial

There exist certain gorgeous hairstyles, which are quite effortless and creative. This criss-crossed updo hairstyle is among them, which will not demand much effort and time. However, we prefer to leave the creative part of this fantastic hairstyle to such great specialists, as Diana Lucia and Tony and Guy. This romantic criss-crossed updo hairstyle was offered at the runway of spring 2014.

If you want to look jovial, attractive and at the same time fashionable, you had better opt for this romantic criss-crossed updo hairstyle. For an elegant look, you should just pull your hair back and cross, then bring forward and get your trendy look. To bring your hairstyle to perfection, you may use a ribbon, made of lace.

Here is a tutorial for creating romantic criss-crossed updo.

1.    The first thing you should do to create this fantastic criss-crossed updo is providing your hair with texture. You should apply sea salt spray on your hair   and wait until it dries. You may also dry your hair with your fingers to hold the hair volume.

2.    Separate your hair into the up and down parts. Then create right and left sections. Consider that you should begin with the bottom part.

3.    Begin crossing the left part of your bottom section. Bring it over the right part and secure with pins.

4.    Then do the same thing with the right part.

5.    Continue the process of criss-crossing with all your hair.

6.    Leave some hair out, as it will make your features softer.

7.    Apply hairspray on your romantic criss-crossed updo hairstyle and make it stay in place.

8.    Complete your amazing look, wrapping a lace ribbon around the top part of your head and secure it at the back.

Due to the great designers, you are provided with the best tutorial of criss-crossed updo hairstyle. 

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