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Best Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Who said that blonde-haired women look more attractive? Here are best hair color ideas for brunettes, which will convince you in the opposite. Get your inspiration from such celebrities as Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway and create stunning tones of brown. Marie Robinson says that these celebrities rock hair colors, which are two tones lighter or deeper.

1.  Emma Watson’s Beachy Brown Hair Color

Emma Watson rocks a beachy brown on her short tresses. This hair color softens her features. Being a natural brunette, this celebrity goes for a hair color, which is three tones lighter and adds highlights. Robinson advises to skip lightening your tresses too much, if you have a layered hairstyle, as the hair ends will look thin.

2.  Jennifer Lopez’s Caramel Brown hair Color

Here is one of the best hair color ideas for brunettes. Get inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s brown hair with caramel undertones, which look ideally with her face color. She makes the middle part and the end of her hair the lightest spot.

3.  Angelina Jolie’s Honey Brown Hair Color

Angelina Jolie opts for a honey brown hair color, which cools her fair skin tone. She pairs it with her red lipstick and astounding eye makeup. If you want to wear this hair color, you should pay much attention to your makeup. For this look, you should apply honey highlights on your brown tresses.

4.  Natalie Portman’s Golden Brown Hair Color

Robinson claims that Natalie Portman makes her eyes astounding due to her golden brown tresses. She goes for caramel highlights, which look great with her skin color. Robinson advises to try this hair color, if your skin is in an olive shade.

5.  Victoria Beckham’s Chestnut Brown Hair Color

This is one of the best hair color ideas for brunettes. Victoria Beckham’s chestnut brown tresses go perfectly with her skin tone. It also looks fabulous with her eye color. To achieve this hair color, dye your hair in a deep brown color and add caramel highlights. Robinson claims that highlights are very essential for this look.

6.  Salma Hayek’s Mahogany Hair Color

If you have brunette tresses, you may try one of the best hair color ideas. To get an edgy look, copy Salma Hayek’s mahogany hair color. If your hair is brown, you had better lighten your hair beginning from the medium length. Complete the look with highlights in a chestnut brown tone.

7.  Mila Kunis’ Ash Brown Hair Color

Mila Kunis styles ash brown highlights on her layers, creating one of the perfect brown hair colors. Robinson recommends adding highlights to your natural brown tresses, as it will make your face color warmer.

8.  Katie Holmes’ Deep Ash Brown Hair Color

For a pretty look, you may resemble Katie Holmes’ deep ash brown hair color. This brown shade will make your eyes glitter. For an attractive look, Robinson advises to keep your hair long and go for several layers.

9.  Jennifer Hudson’s Smoky Brown Hair Color

The smoky brown hair color has much in common with deep brown and black, and may go with dark, medium and olive skin colors. Robinson advises to make your brown hair two tones darker in order to create one of the best hair color ideas for brunettes.

10.  Olivia Munn’s Deep Brown Hair Color

If you have an olive skin color, you had better try Olivia Munn’s deep brown hair color. If your skin is fair, you should gradually go from light to dark.

If you don’t want to make a great mistake, while dying your hair in one of the best hair colors for brunettes, you had better ask your hair colorist for help.


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