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Best 30 Bob Hairstyles for 2014

Great news for those girls and women, who are fond of bob hairstyles. This hairstyle is the latest trend for 2014. However, it’s a bit difficult to choose among the numerous bob styles and go for an ideal cut. Have a look at the best 30 bob hairstyles for 2014 and then ask your hairstylist to chop your long tresses.

1.  Clemence Poesy’s Bob Hairstyle

At Paris Fashion Week Clemence Poesy wore one of the best bob hairstyles for 2014. She middle sectioned her tresses and made the ends wavy.

2.  Michelle Williams’ Bob Hairstyle

Michelle Williams modernized her pixie hairstyle by growing it a little. Her hot look was achieved due to the side sectioning. Add a little texture and get a messy bob hairstyle for 2014.

3.  Katy Perry’s Bob Hairstyle

For a flirty look, opt for Katy Perry’s bob hairstyle in a retro style. She spices her hairstyle with a short fringe and gets an exquisite look for 2014.

4.  Kelly Rowland’s Bob Hairstyle

At New York Fashion Week Kelly Rowland reveals her stylish bob hairstyle. The jaw-touching bob with a middle-section provides her with one of the best bob hairstyles. Kelly Rowland’s stylish earrings gave her a fabulous look for 2014.

5.  Sarah Harding’s Bob Hairstyle

Sarah Harding paired her chin-length hairstyle with an eye-touching fringe. A splendid bob hairstyle option for 2014.

6.  Emma Roberts’ Bob Hairstyle

Another trendy bob hairstyle belongs to Emma Roberts. This amazing look is shown in Hollywood. The bob hairstyle has a unique angular cut and a side-swept bang. An exquisite look for grown-up women.

7.  Kelly Osbourne’s Bob Hairstyle

You may get inspired by Kelly Osbourne’s modern hairstyle and trendy hair color. She wears the purple shade on her short bob hairstyle. The full bang, added to the shoulder-length bob helps Kelly achieve an exclusive look for 2014.

8.  Zosia Mamet’s Bob Hairstyle

Zosia Mamet’s chin-length bob hairstyle is one of the best ones for 2014. This hairstyle was created with slight waves. The adorable look was finished with a nice parting.

9.  Hayden Panettiere’s Bob Hairstyle

To be completely in trend, resemble Hayden Panettiere’s slicked back bob hairstyle. The shoulder-length hairstyle makes her look gorgeous for 2014.

10.  Reese Witherspoon’s Bob Hairstyle

You will get hooked by Reese Witherspoon’s short bob hairstyle. It is also considered an anti-aging hairstyle. This bob hairstyle with a parted bang is your key of a modern look.

11.  Lily Collins’ Bob Hairstyle

For a stunning look, you had better create Lily Collins’ super trendy bob hairstyle. It makes you feel fashionable and fresh for 2014.

12.  Camilla Belle’s Bob Hairstyle

Camilla Belle tried an interesting bob hairstyle with curls. Her thick brows and long lashes completed the amazing look.

13.  January Jones’ Bob Hairstyle

Looking at January Jones’ bob hairstyle, you get convinced that there are numerous styles of bobs. She went for a side section and added soft waves to her bob hairstyle.

14.  Karlie Kloss’ Bob Hairstyle

The chin-length bob with a side bang is Karlie Kloss’ choice. It is regarded as one of the best bob hairstyles for 2014.

15.  Beyonce’s Bob Hairstyle

The asymmetric bob is styled by Beyonce. She added extensions to her trendy pixie and modernized it with soft waves.

16.  Emma Watson’s Bob Hairstyle

Even in case of long tresses, you may create one of the best bob hairstyles for 2014. Emma Watson went for a faux bob hairstyle and achieved a sophisticated look.

17.  Jessica Pare’s Bob Hairstyle

Jessica Pare rocked another fabulous bob hairstyle for 2014. The black hair color perfectly went with her chin-length bob hairstyle.

18.  Julianne Hough’s Bob Hairstyle

This celebrity’s bob hairstyle in a blond tone looked charming with a disheveled texture. The messy bob is super-stylish for 2014.

19.  Jessica Stroup’s Bob Hairstyle

This bob hairstyle is quite easy to create. Jessica Stroup added several layers to her amazing bob hairstyle and made the front part go back.

20.  Cate Blanchett’s Bob Hairstyle

To rejuvenate your look, you may try Cate Blanchett’s fashionable bob hairstyle. She brought one side of her hair behind the ear and looked extremely pretty.

21.  Rose Byrne’s Bob Hairstyle

Rose Byrne’s dyed her locks in a chocolate shade and rocked a fantastic bob hairstyle, reaching her shoulders. Rose Byrne’s side-swept bang with a little texture provided her with a gorgeous look.

22.  Rosamund Pike’s Bob Hairstyle

Rosamund Pike rocked one of the best bob hairstyles for 2014. She experimented with a blunt bob hairstyle on her blonde tresses.

23.  Jennifer Lawrence’s Bob Hairstyle

This celebrity can’t make a mistake while choosing hairstyles. Her bob hairstyle with layers and a parted bang made her look effective for 2014.

24.  Naomi Watts’ Bob Hairstyle

Naomi Watts went for an exquisite type of bob hairstyle. She made the front part of her hair longer than the back one. Never dry this type of bob perfectly, if you want to create a messy look.

25.  Michelle Dockery’s Bob Hairstyle

Michelle Dockery proves that the straight bob hairstyle may also create an edgy and a sophisticated look for 2014.

26.  Elisabeth Moss’ Bob Hairstyle

For a cute look, try Elisabeth Moss’ chin-length bob hairstyle with a side bang. Make the ends look disheveled and give a little texture.

27.  Claire Danes’ Bob Hairstyle

Claire Danes is fond of faux bobs. Finding her inspiration from January Jones, Claire Danes created a faux bob hairstyle with a deep parting and goy a lovely look.

28.  Nicole Richie’s Bob Hairstyle

For an impressive look, rock Nicole Richie’s bob hairstyle in 70s style. She wears this bob hairstyle with a full bang and inspires you for 2014.

29.  Christina Hendrick’s Bob Hairstyle

Christina Hendrick matches the trendy color of the year (red) with one of the best bob hairstyles for 2014. She styles a fantastic bob with curls and creates an impressive look.

30.  Leigh Lezark’s Bob Hairstyle

Dying her locks in a black tone, Leigh Lezark obtained a flawless look. Her bob, reaching the jaw, looked perfect with a side sectioning.

Show your unique style, wearing any of the best bob hairstyles for 2014. Enjoy your new and fresh look for the coming season.

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