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Amazing Women Hairstyles to Wear With Hats

To feel warm and to protect your hair from cold, you should definitely wear hats. However, you should know which hairstyles go best with hats.

Celebrities combine stylish hairstyles with warm hats, keeping heir trendy look in this tremendous cold weather.

Here are amazing women hairstyles to wear with hats.

1.  Hailee Steinfeld remained familiar to her style and appeared at 2013 Haute Couture Week, rocking a side swept bun hairstyle with a black cap, leaving some hair out and curling it. Quite modern and chic!

2.  Here is one of the amazing women hairstyles to wear with hats. Rihanna’s street style was fantastic. She went for a loose wavy hairstyle and paired it with a trendy cap. Her perfect look was achieved due to her red lipstick shade.

3.  Resemble the models’ look and feel confident and warm. Get inspired by Pippa Midleton’s amazing wavy hairstyle with a fur cap.

4.  Diane Kruger got a polished and an elegant look, creating an amazing woman hairstyle. She went for a side braid style, leaving some hair out. It perfectly went with her edgy beret, giving her a soft and tidy look.

5.  If you are aware of the severe cold of New York, you should definitely think about covering your head with a warm hat. You may have a look at Sarah Jessica Parker’s gorgeous look in her knitted close-fitting hat and a wavy hairstyle, brought forward. In this way, she created her sporty appearance.

6.  If you want to wear a hat, which is suitable both for winter and for spring, here is a great option for you. Try Leigh Lezark’s splendid hat made of leather and create your luxurious look.

7.  Let your hair down and wear a floppy hat in a bright and lovely color like Behati Prinsloo. Show your inner world, opting for this boho style.

8.  If you are a fashionista, you may pull off a kitted hat with beachy waves, which is an amazing woman hairstyle. It is not obligatory to feel cold in order to wear this type of hat. You may freely try it in summer for a trendy look. Just go for a neutral makeup and create your chic look.

9.  If you want to make everyone draw attention to your hat, you are recommended trying Kylie Minogue’s amazing look. She wore a simple ‘do under her stylish turban.

10.  Gwen Stefani is known for her unique style. She likes to wear clothes like men. Her well cut coat went ideally with her cap in a black tone. She paired it with one of the amazing women hairstyles: low ponytail.

11.  Berets are always in trend, if matched with an amazing women hairstyle. Kelly Brook styled a fantastic wavy hairstyle with a printed beret. A great option for this winter.

12.  Though we consider Anne Hathaway to have one of the memorable and perfect short hairstyles, she decided to hide it under a beanie in a grey tone. Anne added a warm scarf and black sunglasses and felt comfortable and chic.

13.  Get an odd and eccentric look, wearing a knitted hat with cat ears with your amazing layered hairstyle.

14.  In case you don’t want to hide your glow tresses, but it is impossible to avoid wearing a hat in cold weather, you had better opt for Taylor Swift’s look. She showed her blonde locks under a yellow beanie.

15.   Vanessa Hudgens may inspire you to wear a brimmed grey hat with a tousled hairstyle. You will not make a mistake if you add sunglasses to your amazing look.

Go either for fabulous updo or for loose hairstyles, opt for straight or wavy hairstyles and match them with stylish hats. Draw your inspiration from the mentioned above amazing women hairstyles to wear with hats.

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