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10 Gorgeous Teen Hairstyles for Winter

Looking for some fresh ideas that will inspire you to update your winter look? Well, that’s why we are here for you! Thus, considering you interests for once again we decided to present to you our list of 10 most fascinating teen hairstyles for winter! So, ready to to find out?

Glamorous Messy Updo

The best hairstyle to stick with if you have thick long or medium length hair!

Start with applying a bit of light hairspray in order to get the needed texture. Once you’ve done that start curling your hair with the help of a large curling iron. Now take a large section from the crown area fold it under and secure with bobby pins. On the next step repeat the same process only this time working on the area near the nape of your neck. Now part in the middle your fringe and secure each strand on the side with pins. Finish the look by spritzing a light hold hairspray and enjoy the results!

Gorgeous Curls

Start with a deep side part. Now brush your hair until smooth and start curling using a large curling iron. Once you get to the strands close to your fringe flip to the opposite direction in order to blend your fringe with the rest of your hair. Make sure to use hairspray for each curl separately in order to secure the look. At last smooth the hair on the opposite side of the deep part and secure with bobby pins.

Chic Chignon

Part your hair from the center and brush smooth. Now grab any hair band of your preference place it as if you would do with a headband and tuck all your hair inside.  For long lasting effects secure the strands using as many bobby pins as needed.

Retro Inspired

To achieve this gorgeous style start by flipping your hair upside down and brush smooth. Now use a hair donut to place it near your hair ends and roll your hair up and tuck. Once you’ve done that place your rolled fringe on the opposite direction from your forehead and secure with bobby pins. Feel free to shape the rolled part as you like it.

Modern Chic Bob

Prepare your hair with the help of a volumizing mousse and blow dry with the help of a paddle brush. Now to get the needed bouncy curls grab large sections and use a curling iron to make loose curls that will guarantee the needed volume. Also, for better results you can tease your hair on the crown and secure the style with a hairspray.

Cute Short Bob

Start by applying volumizing mousse on damp hair and blow dry using a paddle brush. Now backcomb the base of your hair, create the needed volume using your fingers and secure the style with a light formula hairspray.

Boho Chic

Start with a regular side part, brush smooth and start curling your hair with the help of a large curling iron. Make sure you wrap your hair from middle to ends only in order to get the needed loose curls. Once the curls cool down use your finger to open them and grab the strands from the desired side, sweep it back and add a floral hair accessory. Finish the look with a light hold hairspray.

Bouncy Curls

Prepare your hair with the help of an enhancing product. Now, part your hair from the middle, divide in two large, equal strands and gather each with an elastic band. At last, simply grab a small, loose strand and wrap it around each hair tie in way that will cover the elastic band completely. For better results you can also leave few framing strands hanging.

Perfectly Styled with a Hat

Apply a smoothing lotion on damp hair, blow dry with the help of a paddle brush and finish the look wearing any stylish hat of your preference.

Cute Side Braid

Apply a texturizing lotion on dry, clean hair. Now, grab all your hair and sweep away from your face. On the next step gather your hair into a loose pony on the nape of the neck and start braiding. Secure the ends of the braid with an elastic band and leave some face framing strands in order to create a cute runway look!

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