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Advantages of the Buff Manicure

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If you are unfamiliar with a buff manicure, it’s a type of manicure that leaves the nails with a beautiful shine.

It includes careful cuticle maintenance, even more than a normal manicure because, with smooth bare nails, rough or dry cuticles will really stand out. After moisturizing and pushing back the cuticles, the nails are then buffed with a multi-sided block or file. After using the gritty side or sides, the last step is usually a smooth side that gives the nails an incredible shine. Follow all of this with a good dose of cuticle oil or cream to help moisturize those smooth nails, and to add a glossy finish.

There are several advantages to this kind of manicure:

  • The act of buffing itself helps increase circulation in the nails and nail bed area, promoting healthier nails.
  • It can also remove any unwanted ridges or uneven edges that could potentially lead to breakage or peeling. Reducing breaks or splits can help the nails grow longer.
  • If you make sure to massage in cuticle oil after buffing, it will absorb more thoroughly, the same way exfoliating helps your skincare treatments penetrate more effectively.
  • Opting for a buff manicure once every few weeks also gives your nails a break from the harsh chemicals of nail polish and nail polish remover as well as the staining effects.
  • Speaking of stains, buffing the nails on a regular basis can help keep the stains to a minimum.
  • Once you do return to regular polish manicures, the polish should adhere better and last longer on your newly smooth nails.

Just remember, do not use the gritty sides too often as it could thin the nails. The shine-inducing side can be used more frequently to boost the effects of your buff manicure.

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