Lovely Nail Polish Color Combinations to Try

By on January 26, 2014
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How about taking a look at some lovely nail polish color combinations? In fact these gorgeous combinations presented below will serve as a source of inspiration to create your own, cute nail polish color combinations and add the perfect finish touch to your look! So, follow reading below and get motivated to create some eye-catching combinations that for once again will prove your creativity skills.

Hot Pink and Black Nails

The best combination for those of you who appear to be fun of eye-catching nail designs. What we especially love about this combo is the way black color adds a sophisticated touch to the playful hot pink and creates a perfectly balanced look that from the first sight reminds everyone the whole Holiday excitement.

Lovely Nail Polish Color Combinations to Try

Red and Gold Nails

Inspired by the holiday seasons the glamorous combo of red and gold is one of the best ways to add a cheerful vibe to the entire look! Thus, grab these two colors, set your imagination free and create a nail art that will leave everyone speechless!

Lovely Nail Polish Color Combinations to Try

White and Aqua Nails

Well these two colors are the best to describe the cold winter days which means that this combo corresponds to winter season the best.

Lovely Nail Polish Color Combinations to Try

Soft Pink and Grey Nails

The best combo to go for if you are in a romantic mood! In fact matching perfectly together these gorgeous colors can work the best with any nail art!

Lovely Nail Polish Color Combinations to Try

Neutral and Glittery Color Nails

Ah, the most beautiful way of adding a glamorous touch to the entire look! Go for any soft, neutral color, add a glittery color to one finger only and create a flawless combo that can work the best for both casual and occasional look!

Lovely Nail Polish Color Combinations to Try

Black and White Nails

Last but not least you can use these two classy colors to create any interesting nail art design that you can imagine and show off a new, trendy approach of the classy style!

Lovely Nail Polish Color Combinations to Try

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