Festive Nail Art Ideas

By on November 18, 2013
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Prepare your nails for this season, getting inspired by the best festive nail art ideas, picked from the runway. Make your choice among the luxurious or classy, monotone or two-shaded nail art designs. You may freely try any of them on your nails to look chic for fall or winter. Thus, experiment with the best festive nail art ideas, mentioned below.

1.    The Black Nails

To look attractive and trendy, you should go for one of the most gorgeous nail polish shades. This black tone is one of the festive nail art ideas, which is worth trying. There are many models, who appeared at the spring 2014 show, rocking this fabulous shade.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

2.    Matte Burgundy Nails

For a screaming look for this fall, you are recommended opting for a burgundy nail polish hue. This wine red manicure tone is offered from the fall 2013 show. You had better try the matte burgundy mani for a classy look.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

3.     Ombre Tones of Gray Nails

Find your style among the best festive nail art ideas. Spring 2014 runway offers us exclusive ombre tone. The gray shade will give your nails a luxurious touch for this season.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

4.    Marshy Green Nails

Look super stylish and gorgeous, wearing this magical marshy green tone together with golden polish. Amaze your friends with your cool and trendy look for fall/winter 2013.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

5.    Warm Copper Nails

Highlight your beautiful nails, rocking copper nail polish. This festive nail art idea is just for those who seek for an astounding look. You may apply it on your nail tip. Choose a basic tone (it may be either red or black) and then accentuate it with the copper shade.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

6.    Olive Manicure

This is one of the best offers from the fall 2013 show. Pulling off this amazing shade, you will get a bold look for this season. This shade is never out of style and your thrilling look will be achieved.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

7.    Black Manicure on Your Almond Nails

Make everyone draw attention to your trendy nails. Make them in an amazing almond shape and apply a gorgeous black mani. Your sophisticated and classy look will be at the spot of attention.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

8.    Stunning Red Nail Polish

This trendy nail art idea will turn your dull and uninteresting nails into something stylish and screaming. You will obtain an intrepid look, feeling self-confidence. No other mani hue is screaming than the red one. You will get the wanted elegancy. You can see many models, styling this shade on their nails at the 2014 runway.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

9.    The Silver French Nail Polish

If you seek for a nail art design suitable for any occasion, you are advised to try the French polish, using a silver tone. Just apply it at your nail tips and you will look dramatic and lively.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

10.  Dark Blue Nails

Fall is associated with dark colors. So, you should have a corresponding nail art design. The dark blue shade may be a substitute for a black tone. It was considered another great trendy nail art idea at spring 2014 show.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

11.  Sparkling Nails

Highlight your monotone dark nails, adding several tiny sparkling stones on the tips. You may get inspired by Marc Jacobs’ spring 2014 show and rock a dark brown nail polish with shimmering crystals. You may wear this trendy nail art idea for a prom night.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

12.  Tough Glitter Nails

To be ready for great and funny holidays, you are recommended making your nails glow. To achieve that look, you should provide your nails with glitter. Get your super glamorous look, applying tough glitter on your base nail color.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

13.  Luxurious Details on Nails

If you are fond of a black nail polish, but you want to add a pretty detail to it, you may go for tiny studs, resembling a pyramid. Imagine how lovely and pleasant your nails will look.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

14.  Tasty Berry Hue Nails

Berry mani is one of the trendy nail art ideas that each woman may rock for a fabulous look. Choose the berry nail polish and have the same fantastic nail art design like the models of the runway.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

15.  Precious Stones Nails

Trendy nail art ideas are innumerable. Be more creative and decorate your nails with numerous tiny precious stones. This nail art design will be splendid for a great cocktail in fall/winter 2013. You may also take pretty metals and apply them on your nails.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

16.  Sharp Nails

Create sharp knives on your nails and your extraordinary look will be achieved for this season. Paint nail rings with bronze on your white base and be in the latest trend. This nail art idea is ideal for any festival.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

17.  Twinkling Gold Nails

Embellish your nails with a twinkling golden hue. Provide your nails with a luxurious look and wear this nail polish, getting inspired by the spring 2014 runway show.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

18.  Half-Moon Nail Art Design

To create this festive nail art design, you should take two fantastic shades. Your nails will look affluent and delicate. You may wear the half-moon design both for day and for night.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

19.  Claret Shade Nails

Be intrepid and pair you nail polish with the color of your lipstick and eye shadow. Fall 2013 show offers you a splendid choice of trendy nail art idea. Just apply a claret shade as a base color on your nails and pair it with a shimmering half-moon design.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

20.  Forest Green Nail Polish

How alluring your nails will look, if you apply a dark green hue on your nails. It will perfectly go with the green leaves of fall. Your festive look will be guaranteed with this nail art idea.

Thus, spend a little time on your appearance and change your nails, choosing among the best festive nail art ideas from the runways.

Festive Nail Art Ideas

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