MAC Magnetic Nude Spring 2014 Makeup

By on December 12, 2013
MAC Magnetic Nude Spring 2014 Makeup
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Whether you want it or not, holiday season will be in the past before you even realize it. However that shouldn’t be a reason for you to feel upset, as there is the whole excitement of getting ready to create a brand new post-holiday season look! Moreover, our beloved brands considering our need of getting new, exciting ideas decided to make our task easier and came up with new inspiring products that seem promising! To be more concrete, here we present the new MAC Cosmetics Magnetic Nude 2014 makeup collection, which appears to be a complex of delicate, nude shades that promise to enhance your natural beauty and help you to create an elegant style that will show off your femininity the best! Thus, less talking more showing!

MAC Magnetic Nude Spring 2014 Makeup

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish

As you can see one of the most wanted tones makes its longed comeback and brings to the spotlight two other adorable tones as well!

  • Superb – soft peachy, shimmery nude
  • Magnetic Appeal – medium tan with fine golden radiance
  • Fairly Precious – peach with pearly radiance

MAC Extra Dimension Blush

Another thing that you will love to find in the new MAC Cosmetics Magnetic Nude 2014 makeup collection is the series of three stunning blushing tones that will make the whole makeup application process a fun task!

  • At Dusk – mid-tone cool pink
  • Autoerotique – mid-tone coral rose
  • Pleasure Model – soft terracotta with pearlized pigments

MAC Magnetic Nude Spring 2014 Makeup

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow

Looking for the perfect Extra Dimension eyeshadows? Well, this amazing variety presented by MAC Cosmetics is definitely something you want to check!

  • A Natural Flirt – iridescent light pink
  • Sweet Heat – soft peach pink
  • Silver Dawn – mid-tone gray mauve
  • Platinum Love – bright silver
  • Amourous Alloy – deep terracotta copper

MAC Magnetic Nude Lipstick

What can be a better finish touch for the perfect makeup art if not a stunning, nude color lipstick suggested by our beloved MAC Cosmetics makeup collection of winter/spring 2014? Take a look and start choosing your favorite ones by now!

  • Close Contact – creamy peach
  • Carnal Instinct – deep brick red with gold pearlized pigments
  • Morning Rose – soft cool rose
  • Sensual Sparks – mid-tone cool caramel

MAC Magnetic Nude Lipglass

Take makeup art to a whole another level by adding a shiny vibe to the delicate nude tones and create a style that will make you steal the spotlight the upcoming seasons!

  • A Quiet Roar – creamy off white
  • Steel Kiss – mid-tone mauve with green pearlized pigments
  • Hellbound – brick red with gold pearlized pigments
  • Oh My Darling – pale yellow pink
  • Over Spiced – mid-tone muted coral

MAC Magnetic Nude Spring 2014 Makeup

MAC Magnetic Nude Fluidline

For those of you who cannot stay away from the eye-catching dramatic look, here we have something that might be worth checking:

  • It’s Physical – brown with purple pearlized pigments
  • Chilled – frosted white gold
  • Our Secret – metallic brown with red pearlized pigments

MAC Magnetic Nude Opulash Bad, Bad, Black

Needing a new mascara of a high quality? Well the Opulash Bad, Bad, Black mascara promises to become your latest obsession!

MAC Magnetic Nude Brush

Of course no matter how perfect are your makeup products a lot depend on the tools that you use for the application and considering that MAC Cosmetics decided to include in their new line the following two magical brushes!

  • 128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush
  • 235 Split Fibre All Over Eye

Ok, ladies here comes the best! The new MAC Cosmetics Magnetic Nude 2014 makeup collection is set to be released in the US on December 26th and worldwide starting from January 14th!

MAC Magnetic Nude Spring 2014 Makeup

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